How much do London film properties really cost?

London is a popular city visited by tourists from both Britain and further afield and it’s easy to understand why. The capital offers the perfect British experience with its famous landmarks and iconic symbols, which make the city loved by so many of its visitors. Whether it’s hopping on an open top bus and catching a glimpse of the prestigious Buckingham Palace or having a picture taken with one of the many red phone boxes located around the city, London is brimming with attractions, landmarks and culture, which is sure to make your visit worthwhile.

Although so many of us visit London each year, for Brits in particular it’s no secret that living and working in the capital comes with a high price tag. It’s widely known that living in the south is a lot more costly compared to living in the north, especially when it comes to property prices. Although you can expect to get a lot more for your money if you live in cities in the north of England, London is home to a range of luxury neighbourhoods offering a range of property types from apartments to townhouses. With its iconic properties ranging from thousands to millions of pounds, London has been the preferred location for many famous films.

With the help from research carried out by Simply Academy, we can explore the price tag of some of the film industry’s most iconic properties and their exact location. If you’re a film fan and planning a trip to London, then hopefully you can pay some of these locations a visit with our help.

12 Grimmauld Place (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)

For any Harry Potter fans out there, you may want to pay Claremont Square in Islington a visit when you’re next in London. From the outside this property is a terraced house but in fact, on the interior it’s actually divided up into a number of flats and was featured in the fifth Harry Potter film. If you’re that much of a Harry Potter fan and like the idea of living in a property used for filming, then purchasing one of these flats in Claremont Square will cost you between £971,000 – £1,119,000; so be prepared for the big price tag.

Lionel Logue’s home (The King’s Speech)

During its release and for a long period of time after, The King’s Speech took the film industry by storm and created inspiration for future films. The story told how King George VI started his reign on the throne but struggled with a speech impediment. The film touched the hearts of people across the globe, as speech therapist Lionel Logue tried to help the new king with his troubles. 33 Portland Place in Marylebone created the setting for Lionel’s home, a 3 bedroom property which will set you back around £2.5 million if you wanted to purchase it.

It’s easy to understand why film production companies choose London properties to feature in their films. With a range of property types both basic and extravagant, the capital is the perfect place to use as a setting for a mix of genres. With the research carried out by Simply Academy, we’ve been able to understand the true price tag of London #PropertiesFromFilm and their exact locations.