How The Elderly Use The World Wide Web?

The number of senior citizens using the internet is on a steady rise. According to a study, nearly 70% of them go online every day.

As expected, at first, it is somewhat difficult for them to embrace the new technology and become affluent in it. However, with the encouragement of younger generations, they can pull off this challenge quite efficiently.

While some seniors browse the internet for a specific intent, there are others who are just curious and want to explore random stuff or get better medical help in emergencies. One such site where they could end up at is MedAlertHelp. We have to give them credit for creating the great infographic we featured in this article. As you can see in it below, seniors use the internet for the same purposes as millennials do.

And guess what? A study published in the Journals of Gerontology found that the internet adoption by elderlies, in addition to keeping them engaged, also reduces their risks of suffering from depression by almost 33%!

Let’s have a closer look at how elderlies keep them busy over the internet.

Games And Videos

A study published by Computers in Human Behavior revealed that almost a third of seniors with an average age of 77 played online games at least once a week. Moreover, about 17% of them played every day.

It was found that they loved to play a variety of games right from computer solitaire to Wii Bowing and puzzle games like Sudoku.


58% of admitted that they love to shop online, while the other 46% stated that they had used the internet to find the best deals. This is because internet shopping lets them buy from the comfort of their homes, even when they are sick or not feeling well.

A similar study found that 47% of online consumers who are at least 65 years of age shop once a month, while 37% of them buy monthly, and 10% but at least once a week.

Banking And Health Information

Our tech-savvy seniors are not using the internet only for fun and shopping, but also for day to day activities. For example, 66% admitted they used it to find health related information, while 55% agreed they use it for banking and financial transactions.

Talking about Finland where every fourth person would be of at least 65 years of age within the next 20 years, there is a steady rise in the number of seniors who love to bank online. However, the majority of them use online banking services on desktops rather than on tablets and smartphones.


Print newspapers have become outdated, and so elderlies love to keep themselves updated by reading the news online. More precisely, 40% of them go online for this purpose.

2018 had been a fortunate year in this regard when the number of seniors who got the news from the internet exceeded the number who got news from TV for the first time.

Social Media And Email

Who doesn’t love social media? We all do, and the elderly are no exception. They love to beat their boredom on these channels.

Facebook is their preferred network, probably because it allows them to stay connected with their family members and old friends and easily share and view stories, videos, and photos of them.

However, they are less savvy when compared to the younger generation and it was found that 16% of them didn’t consider privacy settings while uploading their photographs.

Another 54% of the ones above 75 years of age were not able to identify the sponsored links in their news feed.

Other Activities

In addition to the activities mentioned above, seniors also love to use the internet for an array of other activities. For instance, 24% of them love to send instant messages, while 20% love to watch videos. The 15% said they like to book travel online, while 8% love participating in online auctions.

Parting Thoughts

This pretty much explains the different ways our seniors love to use the internet. However, it is worth mentioning here that not all of them are affluent with it.

Around 40% of them do not use it because their health doesn’t allow them, and 77% find it difficult to use the internet and need someone to assist them throughout the process.

Definitely, we have come a long way, but still, a lot more is yet to be achieved in terms of internet adoption.

To find out more interesting facts and to have a detailed look on the internet habits of our seniors, check out the insightful infographic below.