How to present that big business feel even from a home office

When it comes to your business, you need to have the perfect office that will help you feel motivated to bring in new customers. No matter how small your home office is, there are ways to improve it so you feel good about “going to work” every day. Here are some top tips that will make you feel like you’re working in a large corporate building. 


Although your office may not be big enough to require an actual cleaner to help out, if you want to give your office the feeling of being well-organized, you need to have a system in place that will keep your room neat and tidy. Invest in a filing cabinet, shelves and general product storage boxes. If you know exactly where everything is, this will make your daily work life run far smoother. You will also be able to quickly get to the files of any visiting clients if they choose to come to your home office. 

Office Theme

Take a look at the Google headquarters, aka. “The Googleplex”. This is a gorgeous building that incorporates a modern twist on a unique, urban environment, whilst retaining the “workability” of the area for its employers. It has office spaces and computer rooms alongside relaxation quarters. 

Whilst the Googleplex might be ten times bigger than your cosy home office, the point is that a room’s theme will make it look like it means business. You may want to go with a relaxed environment with a desk, book shelf and chair, or you can go for a classy feel with wooden pine walls, an old scholarly desk and green and red theme. Take your time designing your work room. Afterall, it will end up becoming one of the faces of your business.

Personal Work Number

Now, if you want to distinguish your office space away from your normal home number, you may consider introducing a private number for your office phone. Getting an 0345 phone number is straight forward and will quickly allow you to take calls from potential clients. Having a specialised number for your office can distinguish your personal calls from your clientele. You can also set up specialised dialling systems (i.e. “press 1 for a certain service”) so you can see what a client wants to talk to you about before you pick up the phone.


No matter what sort of business you are, you need the right technology to make sure you can get your work done efficiently. Don’t skip out the latest computers, scanners, or downloadable software. A good home office will have every thing you need for once you step into work mode. 


Any good business will ensure that their work office has a great way of organising workloads. This could be in the form of bulletin board/whiteboard timetables, labelled folders, inbox/outbox trays or specific files that you can put information on separate projects. You will want to keep your work away from your meeting space and relaxation areas. So, make sure that you keep your files away from any meeting quarters, such as a sofa area, where you will talk to your clients and customers.