Ideas for Making Use of Your Old Laptop

With everyone in the nation so focused on going green, it’s a wonder why few people think of ways to make use of older electronics. Some of these are still quite serviceable, even though no longer state of the art. However, with just a few little minor adjustments, they can be made into something that is not only useable but also cheaper than buying the new gadget you would have purchased. However, there are times when your old laptop has simply outworn its lifespan.  This is when you need to get together all of your old gadgets and  figure out a way to recycle your electronics all in one go. There are companies that collect them professionally, so there is no worry on how to safely dispose of them but for those laptops which can still be used, let’s take a look at some interesting uses for them!


1. Hidden Media Centre

Since most laptops in the past few years have been intentionally designed to be quite slim, these hide nicely behind your flat screen TV that is mounted on the wall. Looking for a way to play DVDs or stream movies onto your television? Use your old laptop instead of buying a DVD player. Best of all? It can be totally hidden from sight.

2. Mounted Picture Frame

Within the past several years digital picture frames have become all the rage. People spend a small fortune on gadgets that offer a slideshow of photos. These typically sit on a counter or are mounted on the wall and what better way to use that old laptop than as a digital picture frame? Your photos are probably already there!

3. Wi-Fi or Range Extender

Whether you use Mac or Windows operating systems, your old laptop can easily be converted into a Wi-Fi or range extender to bring signals from your box closer to where outlying PCs or laptops are being used. Just a few clicks of the mouse and a few workarounds in your OS and voila! You have a handy Wi-Fi / range extender without the extra cost of buying one.

4. Save Working Parts

Before you send your laptop to be recycled, why not take it apart and gut it? There are several components that you can save (such as memory) and these can be used on other laptops when needed. You can also list them for sale on merchant sites and before you know it, you might have recovered a bit of what you spent on that new laptop!

5. Use It as a Monitor

Do you have a small tablet that is difficult to see on  a very small screen? What about a mobile phone? You can easily convert your old laptop into a monitor to be used with other gadgets and if you have another laptop lying about with a cracked screen, this one would serve as the perfect monitor!

Not only is everyone looking to go green but most of the world is seeking ways to reduce the cost of living. The more you can recycle, the more you save. These ideas for making use of your old laptop are just the beginning. Before you know it, you’ll be recycling all of your electronics and what a saving that will be. Interesting, isn’t it? Give it a try.