Impact of Land Based and Online Casinos on the Economy

Like in many countries, gambling remains a major source of revenue in the UK which has a great impact on the economy. From the early 1990s, there has been an increasing number of gambling services that have seen the day and they have become available in various locations through land based casinos. Gaming sites have also become available online through remote technologies such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. Through commercial initiatives and the rapid technological breakthrough, it has been possible for the gaming sector to be extremely dynamic and this has created a great prospect in the future for these land based and online casinos.


With the widespread usage of the internet worldwide, individuals are capable of gambling in their homes, offices, or other locations of their choice at any time through gaming sites that are available online, and this has opened the doors for them to play games that are not easily available in conventional venues. As online games such as bingo, slot games, poker are becoming more accessible and convenient, it has been observed that consumers are choosing to allocate a greater portion of their hard earned income to this unique form of entertainment, and this has had a domino effect on the expanding demand for land based casinos services, as more people are willing to sample the land based games that they have had the opportunity to try in the virtual world of the internet.

Gambling of all types that have contributed to the UK economy was assessed in section 1.3 of the Gambling Bill which is known as the regulatory impact assessment. And it was noted that stakes less winnings from players in the betting industry in UK alone was reported to contribute £6 billion as of January 2010, which made out 0.5% of the Gross Domestic Product. As you can imagine, this figure has constantly been rising since 2010 and it has furthermore created employment for over 100,000 people and has generated over £700 million in tax revenue annually.

With an increasing proportion of the population having access to the latest user friendly technologies and the internet, the substantial growth of the gaming world seems inevitable. The current adult population that have grown familiar with playing online games have reached 700 million worldwide whereby they utilise various mobile devices which connect them to the various online gaming sites through the internet. It has also been noted that the population now gives high importance to leisure and this had led to an increase in their spending on home-based entertainment through online gaming sites and also spending in outdoor entertainments such as land based casinos. is a newly launched online casino that has been developed by experts in the online gaming industry to cater to the high demand for the increasing number of online casino games such as slot games, roulette, scratch cards, and various table and card games. Magical Vegas which is themed on Sin City, also known as the Gambling City of the World, is one of the fully responsive gaming site to be available on nearly all mobile devices and to provide a world class gaming experience to its players.  Magical Vegas will definitely be the perfect place which can satisfy the gaming expectation of online gaming consumers by providing them a magical gaming experience at home and this online casino site is bringing its contribution to the economy in a revolutionary way.