Industry-Specific and Market-Specific Training Programmes

There are some courses and programmes which are reserved for employees who are operating in specific industries, many of which would perhaps have piqued the interest of many people seeking to determine which career path they’d like to pursue, but cannot really choose these programmes due to their confinement to the specific industry they’re relevant to.

Some of these programmes are even created especially for specific industries, markets and even companies, such as the bespoke Engineering Management Programme put in place by Britain’s largest bus operator, Stagecoach.

The Engineering Management Programme which they’re effecting could perhaps have been very useful to the engineering management teams of any other organisation, but one can only really enrol for such courses if already employed in a specific industry. The impact of such a course spills over into many operational areas of the business they’re implemented in, such as the likes of a monthly bus pass being implemented in the case of a company like Stagecoach.

The unassuming onlooker may not be able to make a link between something like the new Engineering Management Programme put in place by the bus operator and the operator’s ability to extend discounts such as those that extend over a week may not be too much of an obvious link any outsider can make, but that’s just what industry-specific and often tailored programmes are for.

Stagecoach is the only one of the UK’s major bus operators to put a new Engineering Management Programme in place, with its intended impact aimed at providing an even more reliable service to their customers.

The training course is a Quality Assured Programme and has also been recognised by the Institute of the Motor Industry.

Stagecoach UK Bus Engineering Director Sam Greer said: “The introduction of this training course further demonstrates our commitment to improving services for our customers. Through this programme, we aim to further enhance our engineering standards in a way that is tailored to the specific requirements of our business. Vehicle maintenance and reliability are crucial to the successful delivery of our services to passengers and I believe this training will benefit both our staff and our customers.”