The Ins And Outs Of Marketing Yourself Online

When it comes to marketing yourself online there is a lot that goes into it, especially if you want to do it properly. Proper online marketing will get you the clients you want, the gig you want, or help sell the products you create. But how do you get started, aside from just being online?


You need to know where you need to be posting your professional information, and how it’s going to attract the people you need to talk to about making money, or getting a job.

Having An About Page

Your about page can serve numerous purposes, but the main idea is to let people know about you. It should tell people who you are, as well as what you can do for them. Use your about page as an introduction.

What are the things that you want people to know about you when it comes to selling yourself? You want to let them know about the work you can do for them, what makes you qualified, and how many years of experience you have. You may even want to let them know what got you started in your industry.

Blogging About You

Blogging is an important aspect, even for individuals. While your business blog shouldn’t be a focus on self promoting, your personal blog can be. Remember that potential clients and employers could be reading what you write, especially if your blog is connected to your online portfolio.

Write about how you got into the career path you’ve chosen. Write about your trials of hunting for work. Write about how you keep your skills up even.

Using Social Media

Don’t use your social media sites as a way to complain about life or jobs, especially if yours isn’t set to private and you plan to ever be friends with anyone you work with. You want to make sure that you keep a professional outlook at all times. Use proper language and act your age.

You can use your social media to share your blog posts, and even for job hunting. Facebook often has local groups set up for job hunting, and sites like LinkedIN have very professional job hunting areas.

Creating Your Portfolio

Your online portfolio is definitely the one thing you absolutely have to have in order to promote yourself online, whether you are a writer looking for your next writing gig or an artist looking to sell your next painting. You want your portfolio to show off the best of your skills and abilities.

Not only will you have that about page, but you also want to show off the talents you have. That could be through photos, PDFs, your resume, and more. Check out Online Resume Builders to try their resume app or Uptowork – Your Resume Builder ( and learn more. Share your portfolio in more than just emails to potential employers. Stay active with it on social media and even include links to it in your blog.