Expenses such as school fees, gas, electric and water bills can eat up the cash stashed in people’s wallets one big buck at a time. Because of the huge number of things people spend on, the last thing on their mind is to invest more money on insurance, thinking that the money is better off spent on more important things. However, what they fail to understand is that investing in the right things such as insurance is equally important.

Some people would say they don’t need it because anyway, they maintain a balanced diet and they go for an early morning jog every single day, thus making them less likely to get sick. Others would argue that insurance is simply the last thing that they need.

In a world where there are accidents waiting to happen and car crashes becoming common everyday occurrence, the least you can do to save yourself from financial losses is to invest in an insurance that is appropriate to your situation – may it be life insurance, health insurance, long-term disability insurance, or even auto insurance.

No matter how healthy you say you are or how careful you claim to be, it doesn’t hurt to be potentially prepared for the worst to happen.

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Imagine how much money you’d be able to save if you have insurance to pay for all these expenses instead of shelling out cash directly from your pockets. Doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

The thing is, most people are discouraged to purchase insurance policies because of the complicated and tedious transaction process. Here are a few instances that contribute to the struggles of the traditional transaction method:

  1. Inconvenience 

When it comes to picking the perfect insurance provider, there are a number of things you would have to consider before making a choice, namely:

a) Company’s financial strength 

The fundamental question here is: “Is the insurance company financially stable and is their development sustainable?” You have to make sure that the company is capable of making your money grow the way they promised it would. If a company’s financial foundation is shaky, then there is a great likelihood for them to go bankrupt in the near future, thus bringing your money’s worth down the drain.

b) Guaranteed renewability 

Investments can be pretty tricky since there is no assurance that the money you shelled out would be returned to you. But this is a risk you should be willing to take, if and only if you make sure that your money is in good hands. If not, it would be a complete waste to allocate a certain percentage of your resources to an investment that will give you 0 returns eventually.

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c) Premiums and company offers 

There are more than hundreds and thousands of insurance vendors out there in the market and come to think of it, most of them seem to be offering the same services and the same products. This is where you use a keen eye to determine which insurance provider is most likely able to give you what you need for the best price.

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  1. Time constraints 

The traditional method of looking for the perfect insurance company that can provide the perfect insurance policy can be very time-consuming, what with all the pages you have to review andT the signatures you have to make just to seal the contract. Not only is it tedious but it can also be a waste of precious time. 

  1. Trustworthiness of insurers/brokers 

Let’s face it, there are a number of agents and brokers out there who are more likely to be profit-oriented rather than goal-driven. Because of this, there is a huge possibility that they would provide you with an insurance policy that is advantageous for them profit-wise but would not be appropriate for you.

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On the other hand, consumers are not the only ones struggling with the traditional process of transacting insurance policies. Even the insurers themselves as well as the brokers and agents go through the following difficulties:


  1. Marketing 

Traditionally, insurance providers made use of posters, TV advertisements, and even relied on word of mouth to get the message across to the public that their insurance company actually exists. Not only is this tedious but this has also been proven ineffective because of the lack of scope towards the target audience. Look at these insurance marketing ideas. 

  1. Data Management 

You’re dealing with hundreds and thousands of data of your clients stacked up in folders all over your desk and inside metallic drawers. Every year, the number of clients and the number of data also increases. Because of this, there is a difficulty not only in storing but also retrieving client information. Security in insurance is very important, take a look at this article for cyber security issues. 

  1. Efficiency 

There are a lot of steps in purchasing and selling an insurance policy. And with the lack of technology and manpower, this cripples the company and makes it unable to perform to its maximum potential. Not only does it put the company in bad light but it also burdens their clients as well.

The answer to these problems is the insurance software.

Insurance software is the next big thing in the insurance industry. This taps into the efficiency and convenience provided by the Internet so as to automate the entire life cycle of an insurance policy, thus improving the business altogether.

  1. For the consumers

With insurance software, you can go through the entire transaction online may it be a new contract, a renewal, a cancellation, or even a reinstatement. This is where you are oriented as to the content of the contract without having to go through numerous pages to review and sign. You can even conduct insurance payments through the use of your debit/credit card with the option to choose to pay in full or in a monthly basis. And you can easily be notified whether a payment is due or whatnot.

Not only is it highly convenient but it also saves up much of your time, and you are assured of the company’s accountability at the end of the day.

  1. For the insurers/broker/agents 

Too much client data to sort through? No problem, we can use an online database or store information in the cloud instead. Unsure of what insurance products to promote? Have them set up on a website for better accessibility in the part of the consumers. Unable to reach the client for an urgent transaction? Contact them through various social media outlets for better coverage.

Having access to insurance software paves a way to several opportunities for the insurance industry to thrive. This technology allows insurance providers to be more efficient in their job and to be able to cover a wider scope in targeting their audience for a product promotion.

People are worried that the Internet may not be as reliable and as credible as we claim it to be. However, we assure you that there are various counter-checking mechanisms such as having a back-up system and security measures that can mitigate problems from occurring against insurance software.

There will always be criticisms towards an innovation but this calls for the perfect time to open our eyes to all the wonderful possibilities that come with this piece of technology. All the benefits outweigh the imagined harms and this is the perfect opportunity to use this as a stepping stone not only towards the improvement of the insurance industry but also a step closer to the future.