Introduction’s for ‘Masters of Design’

Whilst advanced technologies primarily make our lives easier, could it also be taking away our ability to earn a living?

The University of Oxford looked at 700 professions in detail to establish the likelihood that robots could replace the need for human resource in different careers. The Future of Employment report, published in September 2013, revealed the careers that were the most likely – and the least – to be automated by Artificial Intelligence. Whilst telemarketers ranked first, and watch repairer as well as referees and umpires also ranked within the top 20, roles which required visual communication ranked at the opposite end of the scale.

Those of you in design and creative roles seem to have nothing to worry about – the need for human resource will always remain. A.I. may never be able to replicate the same quality of creativity that human intelligence can achieve.

In a Masters of Design series of interviews by corporate framed prints provider, Precision Printing, they explore the field of design from the view of five design professionals. The interviews offer an insight into how you can fuel your creativity and the best ways to boost your inventiveness – techniques that only the brain can benefit from.