Keep it simple: Why going back to basics works

It’s time to go back to basics when it comes to your marketing campaign this year. While social media and great content is important online, many of us forget where it all started and the traditional techniques that can still work well for businesses.


From handing out flyers, to guerrilla marketing to purchasing professional letterhead printing from Helloprint, going back to basics is sometimes a great way of mixing up a tired old marketing campaign.

It’s great because it requires very little know-how when it comes to the actual marketing side of things, whereas digital techniques involve great skill regarding how to market yourself on social media, what to do when it comes to creating content (and getting it on relevant sites for exposure) and how to tackle the issue of keywords, Google ads and working with relevant bloggers to push your product or service.

Going back to basics also allows you to focus on your local audience, the people who were the first to purchase your products or take on your service, and it’s always a good idea to return to them and focus on gaining their custom.

Consider something as simple as having a sign created for your place of work, a billboard in a popular area or on the side of a van to spread the word in your area. Marketing that goes back to basics is personal, which appeals to people more, and while personalised marketing is the next big thing in digital, with companies aiming to respond to Tweets and other social media interaction immediately, it’s something that should be carried over into a basic approach too.

Employ the friendly shopkeeper routine; make yourself appear warm, welcoming and always able to respond to a request. Customers like to feel special, so work out who your demographic is and target them in more traditional ways. A personal trainer isn’t going to go looking for clientele in McDonalds, but they might find some luck if they leave some flyers or business cards at a local gym or on the counter in a health food shop.

Good customer service is marketing in its most basic of forms and a sure fire way of getting people to talk about you, while spreading the word that you are a good business to deal with and buy from.

It’s also worth taking another look at your email mailing list, if you started your business a long time ago you’ve probably neglected sending out emails of late because people have told you the concept is dead or ‘uncool’ in the marketing industry.

However, the experts are predicting big things for email marketing in 2016 and confirming the importance of the technique – not only does it get your message in front of the consumer quickly and easily, but it’s also the best way of compiling analytics and discovering what works and what doesn’t with your particular audience.

Daniel Codella of ZURB, has predicted the hyper targeted are to become the norm in 2016, as companies understand the importance of not bombarding people with emails but instead sending out “the right message at the right time.” Justin Khoo of FreshinBox believes emails are going to become more interactive, creating the opportunity for further engagement with customers and will allow “marketers to create eye catching and engaging campaigns that stand out in a recipient’s inbox.”

It’s definitely time to get back to basics, keep things simple and target the right audience at the right time if you want to see success from your marketing campaign in 2016. Good luck!