Keeping Ahead of Late-Breaking Financial News

2016 has certainly proven to be a memorable year in terms of binary trading and the markets in general. Events such as the Brexit and the upcoming United States presidential election have dramatically impacted the financial world and this trend is likely to continue well into 2017. However, some traders can find it difficult to keep abreast of the latest news; particularly if they do not have the time to search for multiple information sources. The developers at have effectively tackled this issue. So, what you can find within this blog and why are a growing number of investors choosing it as their central information database?


Relevant News at Your Fingertips

In the past, investors were forced to scour through multiple information sources to find relevant news articles. As the world of binary trading is fluid by its very nature, traders would only see financial signals when it was too late. EZTrader represents a centralised portal where such news is collated and presented to the investor. Each article can then be examined in more detail within seconds.

Major Sectors and Prices

Although news stories are excellent ways to keep abreast of general trends, it is absolutely necessary to determine how such events might affect the price of a certain underlying asset. So, EZTrader keeps a live streaming ticker at the top of each page. The values of major companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Facebook can be seen within moments. Thus, appropriate actions may be taken when the time is right. We should also point out that this portal provides updates and news in reference to other sectors including:

  • Commodities
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Currencies

Binary traders are well aware of how important it is to access such metrics from one portal as opposed to disparate websites.

Expert Commentaries and More

Why not learn what the best binary traders in the business may be thinking? This blog also provides insight from industry leaders and this can then be immediately used to hone an existing trading strategy. Let us also keep in mind that the statements made by such professionals could have a very real knock-on effect in terms of the prices themselves! Such advantages are then bolstered with access to economic calendars, weekly market forecasts and more.

Still, not everyone will boast such expertise. Novices can employ the EZTrader FAQs section at their convenience. This category covers topics such as how the platform works, how specific sectors are defined and how an individual can set up a real-time trading account.

Market Knowledge Within a Single Click

Above all, EZTrader is meant to be used as a supplement to an existing binary trading strategy. Thanks to the sheer plethora of tools and information available, this portal has become essential to investors of all sizes and skill levels. Please have a closer look to appreciate the advantages that are offered.