Why Should Leisure Centres Invest in Climbing Play Equipment?

If someone asks you to think about typical playground equipment, you’ll probably picture slides, see-saws, swing sets, and perhaps monkey bars. However, you might forget to think about climbing sets. Of course, playground climbing sets don’t exactly scale lofty heights, but they can still be a very attractive part of your business’s playground and a real draw for local families. Here are just a few reasons why climbing sets are well worth investing in.

Develop Body and Mind

Most playground equipment is either completely physical, in the case of slides, swings, and so on, or completely mental, in the case of board game walls. Climbing equipment does an excellent job of bridging that divide. You need focus and concentration to work your way up, and children will need to refine both their hand-eye coordination and their problem-solving skills to make it. This is great since it tends to keep children more entertained on the same piece of equipment, while your traditional playground items often become boring after a few uses.

Burn Off Energy

As well as incorporating mental challenges, climbing sets actually pose more of a physical challenge for children. It’s a whole-body activity, with the legs, arms, and core all functioning at once to get the body where it needs to go. That’s a lot harder on the muscles than simply walking up some stairs and slipping down a slide, and that’s going to be a huge plus-point in the minds of parents. Remember, they don’t just bring their children to your centre for fun – they also bring them there so they can burn off plenty of energy.

Adrenaline Without Danger

One problem with conventional play equipment is that children will tend to misuse it in order to satisfy their sense of adventure. Children generally love to push their boundaries and incite their adrenalin glands since they usually don’t fear injury as much as adults do, so you can expect them to jump off the top of the slide or launch themselves from the swings at full force. That might be exciting for them, but you clearly want to avoid any potential injuries. Climbing equipment is excellent in this regard; it’s made to be thrilling for kids to use, but it won’t be tall enough to risk any serious accidents.