Luxury office features that genuinely bring practical benefits

There seem to be a never-ending list of office luxuries available for the company that wants to treat itself and its employees these days, from in-house gyms to ball pits. However, while some of these may seem daft or unnecessary, a few luxury office features can offer very real benefits to your employees and to your business. To help you distinguish the best from the worst read on for our handy tips on the most practical luxury office features available today.

Standing-sitting desks

You might think this does not sound much like a luxury, but employee health is something no conscientious employer should neglect. While sitting all day can seriously affect your health, standing all day is not very healthy either. It is therefore a good idea to invest in adjustable standing-sitting desks to allow your employees to mix up their routine with the occasional half hour of standing.

It is important to choose from the wide range of desks which are adjustable to ensure that your employees are able to work without straining their backs, shoulders or necks. Happier employees are more productive, and the pricing for such desks or on desk solutions varies widely, with a cheap but aesthetically pleasing wooden option starting from £119, with an elasticated folding leg system.

LED lighting

LED lighting may not seem like a luxury feature, but when you replace the lightbulbs, there is no reason not to rethink the entire lighting plan of your office. If you move away from ugly hanging fluorescent bulbs, try seeking help from a professional design team to relight your office with LED lights so you have a good mixture of warm colours in social and conversational spaces, and colder colours in areas for quieter work.

LED lighting, as well as offering a range of intensities and moods offers serious savings on your electricity bill. Switching to LED lights, while they can cost more up front than fluorescent lightbulbs, can pay itself back in a few months due to the savings relative to other, less efficient forms of lightbulbs. They should also last at least twice as long as CFL bulbs.

Redesign the office

Office redesign can be a bold move, but it has to be done well. If you change up the interior of your office space, and especially if you are going to relight your office to make it a more pleasant space, it is worth seriously considering a professional design form. Companies such as Maris provide luxury office design that can revolutionise a space and give you a new sense of freedom and opportunity within your office.

A professional design firm will thoroughly examine how space is used within your office, and how to ensure that you are getting the most out of it. The employee and client experiences will both be considered to ensure that people will feel comfortable and inspired in these built environments. You may be surprised how much space can be saved by making simple changes. This, on top of the health and positivity boost of sitting-standing desks and the savings offered by LED lightbulbs, will hopefully offer some practical and luxurious upgrades for your business.