What Makes Bamboo Bags So Comfortable to Carry?

When you’re looking at shopping bags for your retail outlet, it pays to go with something comfortable. The traditional single-use plastic bag will quickly bunch up and start digging into people’s palms, so those are clearly unfavourable, but even multi-use plastic bags with larger handles aren’t ideal.


If you want your customers to be able to enjoy their shopping expeditions without having to worry about sore hands, try providing them with bamboo bags. These cool new products are certainly fashionable enough to reflect well on your business, and they come with a number of comfy advantages.

Wonderfully Absorbent

Bamboo absorbs moisture incredibly well. In fact, it’s around three times more absorbent than cotton, and is able to soak up around 300% more than its own total weight. This means that bamboo bag handles will absorb moisture from your skin, keeping the hands from getting clammy and sweaty.


Thermo-regulation just means that bamboo is able to adjust its own temperature according to the temperature of your body. This is one advantage of bamboo that people don’t regularly hear about, but it makes the material extremely comfortable for those holding onto it.


Perhaps most importantly of all, bamboo bags are incredibly soft. This often surprises people who haven’t touched bamboo that has been processed in this form before; instead, they expect something rougher. The softness of bamboo makes it ideal for customers who are going to be hauling around bags all day.


Here’s another odd benefit of bamboo: it’s hypoallergenic. This is because of a natural substance that it contains, plus some wizardry during the manufacturing process. If your customers have eczema or sensitive hands, these bags really could be just the ticket.

Bamboo isn’t as well-known as a bagging material as cotton, paper, or even canvas, but it comes with a surprising number of luxurious benefits. Best of all, this is a sustainable and eco-friendly material, so using it will help the planet as well as soothe your customer’s hands. If you’d like to find out more, just browse the wide selection of bamboo shopping bags around today.