Making Your Startup Dreams a Reality: Practical Tips for Pitching Your Product or Business Idea

Getting the seed of a business idea or a product in your head, is just the start of a challenging road that turns your dreams into a reality.


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There is also the chance that you might get the opportunity to pitch your ideas to potential customers or at least see what sort of potential competition in the marketplace that you might be facing. and seeing if you get it off the ground as quickly and successfully as possible.

Never underestimate the importance of identifying your customer

Almost regardless of universally appealing your product or service happens to be, there is always going to be a target audience that you want to focus your attention on.

One of the most basic aspects of your initial research and groundwork that is required before you consider launching your startup, is to identify your customer.

It should be your aim to define exactly who will be attracted to your business and establish the typical profile of your average customer. This is often critical to the success of your venture, as it allows you to channel your marketing efforts so that you appeal specifically to the people who will become your customers.

Selling and marketing can be complex

You might think that with the advent of social media channels and other mediums, there are more opportunities than ever before to market your business, but that is precisely what can make your selling and marketing tasks more complex than you might imagine.

There is an element of customer-fatigue to contend with, as people are very often bombarded with sales messages almost everywhere they turn on the internet, so you need to fine-tune your pitch and identify a problem and its solution, with your product, as succinctly as possible.

Pitching your idea for funding and to potential business partners

If you are going to be pitching your idea to a group of investors or at a trade show in order to try and set up a supply-chain, you need to be able to present your business opportunity with what is often referred to as an elevator-pitch.

The concept of an elevator-pitch is that you have about 30 seconds to explain your business idea and why it is a winner. It is well worth creating a well-rehearsed pitch that you can refer to on demand, as it leaves a positive impression that you know about your business, that is sometimes about the right amount of time you have to impress in a competitive environment like a trade show.

The art of storytelling

One of the most important aspects about creating a successful sales pitch, is to not only get all of the salient points across about why your startup can make a difference, but to try and inject a personal element into your delivery.

Facts and figures are important, but a brief story about how your business idea evolved and why you are passionate about it, will definitely help you to get noticed.

Joe Cross was lucky enough to have a mentor when he was starting his business, and he attributes that person, and a lot of hard work, to his business success! Now with enough time to ‘pay it forward’ Joe is writing business articles to inspire others.