Manish Chande: Clearbell’s latest catch

Manish Chande is a man who’s looking forward to the future ahead of him.

Having recently joined Clearbell Capital LLP as a Senior Partner, he’s set to work with a highly talented group of industry experts in a niche fund management business that has big hopes for the next few years. For an entrepreneur and investor of his experience and expertise, he’s very much in his element right now.
But then, Chande has never really been out of his comfort zone. With an expansive career that stretches across three decades and more, he’s always appeared to be a man who relishes the excitement of a high-pressured position, not to mention the promise of new challenges.

Having started out as a chartered accountant, he’s risen to the point where his CV spells out a series of impressive acronyms and role positions. Chairman of National Car Parks Ltd; CEO at Imry Merchant Developers plc. A trustee of both the Canal and River Trust and The London Clinic. Assistance in the restoration of some of London’s major historical buildings, from the Royal Mint on Tower Hill to Hyde Park Corner. All this is just the tip of an iceberg that becomes ever more vast and astounding the deeper you go.

Pinpointing his greatest success so far is like trying to pick the greatest businessperson in the world: there are so many options to choose from, and each have their own unique attributes and records to bring to the judges. Yet it’s one thing to work for someone and something else entirely to set up your own business. Chande knows this better than most, as his career has seen him occupying the position of employer multiple times, as well as employee.

Having met Martin Myers at Arbuthnot Properties way back in 1985, the two sparked the beginning of what was to be a long-term, blossoming business relationship when they established a company to run the Department of Social Security’s property estate.

This estate grew to a respectable level – by the time the two co-founded Land Securities Trillium Ltd alongside Goldman Sach’s Whitehall Street Funds in 1997, it had grown to 650 properties – but it was the experience he gained from it that proved its most valuable result. This practice helped him in his position as CEO at Trillium and in the same role 10 years later at Mountgrange Investment Management, another company he had a part in founding.

The phrase “had a part in” also seems to say a lot about Chande’s attitude towards business. In the past, he has expressed his desire for co-operation during interviews, chastising others who would seek confrontations instead of working along mutually beneficial lines. He likes everyone to be on the same page with the same beliefs driving them. It’s a viewpoint many others who have risen to his level would agree with.

Like all people who have reached such standards of success – in the past he’s been reported to be worth at least £70 million – he has always had a relentless work ethic driving him day in, day out. Whether it’s the Mitie Group plc he’s working for, or the Windsor Leadership Trust; the Department of Culture, Media and Sport; or even one of his own co-founded companies, his desire to put 110% in every waking hour has never faltered. It’s why many take on board his advice today and seek out his services whenever needed.