Marketing Your Blog

Writing a blog and writing a successful blog are two different things. There are a million blogs on the internet. Blogs about cats, blogs about cars, blogs about movie stars, most of them forgettable and pretty much not going anywhere. Successful blogs not only provide considerable value for the writer, but also the best blogs make their writers a substantial amount of money. Many of the authors of blogs that are below the radar are great writers. What takes a great blog writer and makes them a successful, money making blog writer.


Targeting content

Choosing your target and narrowing it down to the bullseye is the writer’s biggest concern. This is the primary reason anyone takes the time to read what you write. Finding the most basic theme for what you want to write about is your bullseye. Keep that in mind for all of your content from the moment you apply and subscribe for your site. You can drift around it, write outside of it, but everything you do connects to this.


Controversy sells, pure and simple. Take a stance and write about it. Write from your heart and your head. If you feel strongly enough about a subject and it goes against the grain, take your stance and write. Be prepared to explain your position, but if you are right, stick to it. Be ready for inflammatory responses from individuals whose sole purpose is to create hate conversations. Remember the adage, “If you wrestle with pigs, you’re going to stink.”

Guest on site related to yours

Look at blogs that cover material related to yours, not just like yours, but content or subjects that relate to yours. Arrange for partnerships that allow you to write for other blogs and other bloggers write for you. If you are strategic, connecting with bloggers who have higher numbers than yours will result in the overflow to you. Choose wisely and get your name out.

Simplify your site

Do everything you can to make it easy for your readers. From organization to loading times, make it easy. Make it easy for your readers to subscribe to your posts to build that subscription list. That subscription list tells a tale of numbers, of regular readers of your work, which translates to potential income.

Social media

Target your social media and use it wisely. Social media gives you access to an unknown number of potential new readers. Chasing the ubiquitous viral post takes work and smarts. The work is in posting on each of the social media sites is in recognizing the market you are reaching in each. Facebook is personal; LinkedIn is business, Twitter something completely different. Target each appropriately for better saturation. Let your readers know whenever you post to your blog through your social media and mix up how you post.