How to Modify Your Business for International Partnerships

If you are a business owner or manager, you’re always looking for ways to grow your company. Once you’ve tackled the local markets, however, you may notice that your business growth plateaus. This is natural and common, but you don’t have to stop expanding just because you’ve reached the limits of your local economy. With digital commerce ever on the rise, customers and partners around the world are only a click away. If you’re ready to extend your company’s reach yet again, global partners are the way to go. But before you dive in, there are a few ways you can modify your company to ensure that global business goes smoothly.

Update your website and your social media presence

When you’re working with partners and clients around the world, most of them are going to check your online presence before striking a deal. Because your digital reputation will speak for itself — and it can make or break potential partnerships — update and upgrade your web presence now, before these partnerships begin. Your website should be clean, modern, and easy to use. Both your website and your social media accounts should be completely factual and up to date (think: business hours, email addresses, physical address, etc.).

And, above all, it is key that your online presence is professional, and fits appropriately with your company’s culture and goals. This will vary from company to company; the website for a law firm should look nothing like the website for a children’s store, but both should reflect the company’s attitude and clientele.

Train all employees on professional voice and video calls

As you build international relationships, meetings that used to be face-to-face will likely now be done over voice calls or video chats. Because of this, it’s crucial to train all of your employees on how to be professional and courteous in these modes of communication. This includes professionally and politely handling any technical difficulties, whether it is caused on your company’s end or on the other party’s end.

For instance, video chats across continents often have significant lag time, or may unexpectedly cut off altogether. Employees should be prepared for this, and also prepared to both fix the problem and make the other party feel at ease about the problem. 

Find solutions for international shipping

Once you have built several global partnerships, you’ll need to have a plan for shipping your products overseas, or for receiving products from overseas. Up to now, especially if your company is small, you may have dealt only with the traditional post office. However, this will be an expensive option for overseas shipping, so it’s in your best interest to look into other solutions.

Many companies, such as large aircraft carriers, specialize in sending business shipments across oceans. There are a variety of options with these carriers, even including tracked shipping like the services provided at 

Maintain your local connections

As your company grows internationally, keep your local partnerships in mind. Even with newfound global success, your clients and partnerships at home are incredibly valuable, as is staying connected with your local community. These partnerships remain the base of your business, and maintaining good relationships with these companies and individuals will bode well for your company’s future.