Motivated Productivity: How Can Your Break room Benefit Your Work Flow?

When most business owners consider the important areas of their building to design, they think of the spaces that will be seen by their clients or customers. While these are definitely an integral part of your work space and need to showcase your professionalism, another area that is important to your business’s productivity is your break room.

Even though your break room is an area purposely designated for your employees to relax, it is actually where, if designed correctly, some of their best productivity and imagination can occur.  This relaxed atmosphere can motivate your staff and, at the same time, benefit your work flow and bottom line.

The Right Break Room Can Build a Strong Company Culture

Whatever the size of your business or the amount of employees, the overall atmosphere of your company can be felt by your staff and your clients, even if you do not feel it yourself.  This workplace culture can make the difference between your employees being positive and motivated to do their best, or miserable and negative, which comes across over the phone and in person.

An engaging, comfortable break room can be used to build relationships through birthday parties, holiday gatherings and other enjoyable activities. Music can be provided in the background, colors and artwork décor can be strategically used, and other designs can help increase the function of this room.

When you give your staff a fun and engaging place to take a break from the stress of the day, you are supporting them in feeling relaxed, building team rapport, and engaging in socialization and laughter.  They will recharge and return to work fresh and ready to work, improving the overall mood and output of your company.

Break Snacks Play a Huge Role in Productivity

Skimping on snacks or not providing any at all leaves it up to the employee to choose what they want to bring to work.  For those on a budget this is usually junk food, since it is the cheapest and easiest to come by.

Instead, encourage your employees to eat well by providing them healthy choices like fresh fruits and nuts. Many companies, like Associated Coffee, will deliver straight to your door so you are assured the freshest quality and best taste.

The reason behind offering fresh and healthy options to your employees is not simply concern for their health, although that is an added benefit.  Rather, these foods are packed with vitamins and nutrition that will help boost your staff’s energy level and mood for an extended period, giving them a second wind that they will use to your advantage.   Junk foods like cookies and candy bars give a short spike of energy that quickly drops into fatigue that they will feel before the end of the day, resulting in lack of productivity.

Easily Increase Productivity – Improve Your Break Room

A few coats of paint, some satellite radio stations in the background and a motivational piece of artwork here and there are the basics of designing your new break room.  Carefully plan your healthy snack options to combine productivity and overall well being and you have a new place in your office where efficiency ignites drive, and you also have a much more productive business.