How Much Does Business IT Support Cost in London?

Image Credit: Pixabay

London is the hub of world-leading businesses with from 10 to thousands of employees and systems. These systems and employees need to be supported to do their jobs effectively and create a positive impact to the bottom line. When selecting a firm to provide IT services, there are several considerations to make. The primary question people have is “How much is IT support going to cost?”

IT support service prices for businesses in London vary based on multiple factors so it is not always the best course of action to select the cheapest services. Consider things like the experience level of the technicians, and question which items are included in any monthly packages.

Support services in IT are typically offered either ad-hoc, or just when you need it, or in packages. Ad-hoc services are best for smaller organizations with a few employees who use computers daily but don’t have large systems and networks in place. Many businesses use these providers when a tech crisis occurs that they can’t resolve themselves.

The danger in this is that technicians will usually bill hourly rates for services, and also charge for travel and sometimes emergency fees for same-day service. In some cases, this can end up being quite expensive, and perhaps more than what a business would pay using an all-inclusive package service.

Some companies offer packages based on numbers of hours needed per month, but this is different from a fully managed IT support program.

A fully managed IT program would include items such as unlimited remote support, a 15 minute response time, a resolution target of 4 hours, next day onsite response, support for a wide variety of PC’s, networks, and services, monitoring and taking inventory of equipment, a dedicated consultant and account administrator, documentation and warranty support, and online backup of at least 20GB.There is a quality firm providing IT support in London that offers this package for just £25. Their next package includes everything mentioned plus unlimited onsite support for break/fixing at £45. Their most supporting package adds same day response and weekly engineering visits on the weekends for £85. These prices are quoted as per user, per month.

Another option for IT support services in London is to find a solo IT technician working on his own. It is a great alternative if you can find someone who is qualified, but the biggest hindrance to this is demand. If you have a tech emergency, you could find yourself waiting for availability for days, or up to a week. Independent technicians who do have a lot of time available are typically not experienced enough or knowledgeable to handle critical issues.

The best route for comprehensive IT support services is to work with an agency offering a full package that provides remote and telephone support during all hours, and who will be able to react swiftly when onsite services are needed.

Contact several IT support companies in London to get quotes and ask questions about exactly what is offered. Your business technology is central to your organization working effectively and continuing to provide good service.