New Scholarship Will Encourage Young Entrepreneurs

There are certain types of people for whom success just seems to come naturally. They seem to have a knack for identifying problems and coming up with innovative ways to solve those problems. Then they convert their solutions into serious income. They make it all look so easy.  Of course, in reality, that’s all a bit of an illusion.


Real success always requires at least some effort, and it usually takes time to achieve. One thing that’s for certain is that, in business, it helps a lot if you know exactly what you’re getting into before you get into it.

Going through childhood and adolescence, most of us encounter well-meaning adults who give us advice, which they believe is helpful, but in fact can really skew the way we see our own potential. Instead of being encouraged to view the world as a place of abundance and opportunity, kids are often steered towards a mindset of fear and insecurity.

We’re told that we have to do well in school or we won’t get a good job, and once we have that job we must consistently perform or we risk losing that job. If we lose our job, there’s a risk that we won’t be able to get another job, and so on. Looking back on this as an adult, you can probably see that this is completely the opposite of what kids should be taught.

Fortunately, there is still a percentage of kids that don’t buy into that negativity. They are aware of their own strengths, and this empowers them with the confidence they need to seek and identify opportunities. These are the potential entrepreneurs and success stories of the future, and it is these young people whom high-flying entrepreneur Reuben Singh wants to inspire and support.

The Reuben Singh Scholarship is a fund that has been created to help pay the tuition of those fledgling entrepreneurs who make the best impression on the judging panel. The only official stipulations are that applicants must be resident in the UK for the academic year and must have been accepted into a UK university. Other than these requirements, applications are assessed entirely on their merits.

To have a chance of winning a £9,000 scholarship award, students simply need to provide some brief biographical information about their achievements and aspirations, plus a 2,500 word essay about entrepreneurship and their view of it.

For around 20 years Reuben Singh has been a huge dynamic in the UK entrepreneurial scene, having served as an “Entrepreneurial Ambassador” to the Blair government, and also inspiring thousands through keynote addresses at various events throughout the country.

His passion and enthusiasm for helping others to find and follow their dreams has been unflagging throughout all of that time, even when he was experiencing difficulties himself. Now, as the man in charge of two major UK corporations and numerous smaller business projects, Reuben has taken his dedication to a new level by making this scholarship available to any student who can demonstrate they have the talent and determination to be a successful UK entrepreneur in the future.