Night Out!

Work! Work! Work! Even though I was doing my own thing, and it was my business, there came times when exhaustion just got to you. Have you ever felt that? You just wake up one morning and really don’t feel like doing anything. It usually hits you after a hectic week or two after you have put together an excellent presentation for a client and they have said: “Yes, we’ll go with you!” I mean it’s a great feeling but when you walk back outside you can feel a big breath of air just whoosh out of your lungs in a mix of relief and joy!

I am not a big drinker, just on occasions socially is my average. A nice glass of wine or even a cold beer on a hot day can be quite refreshing. Too much and your mind feels the after effects a day later. So I tend to steer clear of big drinking parties. But when that tiredness hits you the day after the big presentation it’s nice to spend a day catching up with friends and just having a good gossip and drink.

I have a close circle of friends and we occasionally get together for coffee or a girl’s night out with dinner at a swanky restaurant. The other day we, that is Belinda, Angela and Sarah, all close friends, were at the Spag and Bog, an Italian restaurant in the city, and Sarah was telling us about her few days in Prague with some old school chums. They had gone there to celebrate the coming wedding of one of the girls and had gone to a place there called ‘Goldfingers’ for their hen’s night. 1She said the place was incredible with so much entertainment, especially for a hen’s night or a bachelor party. She showed us a few photos which were both outrageous and quite funny. Apparently they all had a great time, not only there, but touring around the old city.

It made me think about taking a lovely holiday, a break, just to recharge my batteries.