No Man’s Land Fort – A Bunker Or Britain’s Most Unusual Luxury Hotel?

This place is marked as one of the most charming attractions in all of the UK by European travelers. What was initially intended to be a fortress strong enough to withstand artillery barrage of a warship turned out to be one of the fanciest places to spend the night in England. It resisted the tide for 140 years and today is standing strong just a mile away from Portsmouth. What makes this building so fascinating and what is she even made of? Let’s find out more and just maybe you will mark a big “X” over this destination next time you set sail for a full-blown UK adventure.

From Louis Napoleon To Provocative Party Hub

As the whole world knows, the UK is famous for its football glory, pub culture, the Beatles, and a vast number of prominent historical hotspots. However, with all the legendary Christmas party in Birmingham, famed music festivals like Glastonbury, highland adventures up north, and stadium football matches on offer, people still arrive at this peculiar hotel to witness how 3 million pounds of concrete is transformed into an exclusive one-of-a-kind island retreat.

As you can already imagine, no wheels can get you to this hotel so a ten-minute boat ride will escort you there. And if you plan to spend a bit more nights, this opens up a helicopter option for a more fancy approach. Spitbank Fort officially opened in 2012 as a luxurious property for private rentals, and in a blink of an eye become the most unusual luxury hotel in the country.

Hotel Structure

The oval fort consists of 22 bedrooms in total. There is a helipad at the top to welcome the guests, which is also next to the hot tubs and a spa. What’s more, you are presented with a tiny minigolf course from which you can hit special biodegradable golf balls straight into the channel. Let’s be fair, who doesn’t want to try that?

Just from the brief overview of the pictures you can ascertain why this hotel ranks as the perfect place for solitude and relaxation. It is truly in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing but sea and shipping lanes, where occasional pleasure yachts and huge container ships sail by.

Of course, at any time of the day, the top-notch restaurant will be at your disposal to your heart’s delight.

Uniquely designed rooms vary in style and design but the true treasure of such comfort comes with an amazing panoramic view of the deep blue. It can be booked entirely for private use, such as weddings, corporate events, and parties. In fact, the festive gatherings are literally the coolest thing that happens on this spot amid the sea.

The No Man’s Land Fort is home to a colorful event schedule throughout the whole year. With a selection of five bars and both casual and formal dining spots, literally, any occasion can be celebrated like royalty. And even if you grow tired of all the party hype, you can always just slip outside and relax on the rooftop with the opportunity to toast marshmallows around a fire pit and soak in the hot tubs.


It may seem hard to grasp that a place like this exists in the world but such a realization will magnify your experience even more so. Staying in this hotel won’t come as a budget travelers dream, though. You will have to spend £450 a night but the overall satisfaction level of having a blasting party with your friends and nothing but miles of sea surrounding such luxury will be a thing to remember.