Non-Wasteful Ways to Turn Paper Bags into Gift Bags

There are many things you can do to spruce up a plain paper bag. They give the bag a new lease of life so you can give the gift bag to a friend or family member.

  1. Recycle Old Cards

Perhaps you have a load of old Christmas, Birthday, Valentines cards lying around?

A great way to make use of these and recycle them into something useful would be to cut off the front of the card.

You can then resize the front piece or specifically cut out the bits you like and stick them on the paper bag.

You may then decide to use other parts/ left-over parts of the card to create a matching tag to hang on the bag.

  1. Wrapping Paper Scraps

Another great way to decorate a plain paper bag would be to use scraps of wrapping paper.

There’s often a lot of waste that is left when you are wrapping presents. You can use left-over wrapping scraps to create a matching gift bag for the presents and become the ultimate gift wrapper.

  1. Sheet Music/ Maps

If you have old sheet music or maps laying around that you no longer want, a great way to re-use them would be to create gift bags.

You may decide to cut out panels for the front and bag and then embellish with stickers, ribbons, buttons or other bits you have lying around

Another thing you could do is use the sheet music or map to create a collage or papier Mache effect to create a cool unique bag (be careful not to use too much glue or the bag could become wet and break).