How not to be disappointed with the first date?


One of the main reasons why people are disappointed with the first dates is the inflated demand and expectations. Many people consider the first date as a big chance for romance and excitement that will have a great outcome and when the things turn not in the way they expect, here comes confusion and blight.

Let’s imagine that you have found a match at Kovla: a lovely girl with the same interests and hobbies, who is fond of family values and you have exchanged a few messages. And now you are going to meet in person on the first date. So how not to turn it into a nightmare and not to spoil everything? Here are some tips!

The basics of the pleasant first date

In the most cases we spend weeks exchanging emails until someone feels ready and asks the other out. After that the date seems to be awkward: you have told too much already and have no idea what to say and do next, as the expectations are high, but no one knows how to get to them. Sometimes it happens that meeting in person changes the attitude dramatically – then it turns out that you’ve wasted a lot of time messaging the wrong person. So it would be better to have a first date as soon as you feel that you want to have one with your probable russian wife dating on

Sweet nothings on messaging seem to be fine at first, but too much flirting can raise the expectations from the first date – and the more may be a disappointment after it.

Dos and don’ts of the first dates


  1. The first date doesn’t last long – a lunch is great, as it has a clear and logical ending and leaves room for conversation.
  2. It is advisable to arrange meeting at the restaurant instead of picking up from home. The reason is simple – thus you won’t have to go back home together.
  3. The first date doesn’t have to end up with sex – it is inappropriate. A goodbye kiss is more than enough.
  4. Do not go to the theatre or a cinema – the first date is about a communication and it is hard to talk in a silent dark hall full of other people.
  5. Do not take a date to the party with your friends – it will be awkward for her to be in a place where she doesn’t know anyone.
  6. The first date is a bad time to try something that you have never tried before – new impressions won’t give a chance to evaluate your date properly. Such stuff is ok for the next dates.
  7. Gather all your thoughts about the date the day after: how you feel about it? Do not waste your time with a person who is kind of okay. If there are things you do not tolerate in person, better try to meet other one.