Why You Should Offer Parcel Tracking and Delivery Options

One of the great perks to being a small business is that you can offer your customers a much more personal and tailored service than a huge company can. Independent stores and small businesses appeal to shoppers by offering that special something extra that a large corporation just can’t seem to recreate. Big companies have more money to spend on other services, like their parcel tracking and delivery, here’s why as a small business you should try and save some of your budget to invest in better tracking and parcel delivery options in order to compete with the big names:


Stronger Competition

If your customers are used to shopping with big name brands they’ll always expect the best and quickest delivery options as a standard service. Competing with large brands who offer services as speedy as same day delivery can be tough financially but offering next day delivery should certainly be an option on your site. Offering your customers as many different delivery options as you can is crucial in order to have longevity in the e-commerce world. With Parcels Please, you can source the best priced couriers form a range of experienced and knowledgeable delivery companies, all for a great price.

Peace of Mind

One of the key benefits of using a courier which offers a tracking service is customers have extra piece of mind and can see where their parcel is at all times. This is something which works both ways as it also protects your back as a business because if the courier did lose your parcel or there is a long delay it will reflect badly on your business. With customer expectations being higher than ever before, the opportunity to track your parcel is an expectation now when making an online order.

Customer Enquires

Without parcel tracking and delivery options it can be hard to respond to delivery related customer enquiries. If a customer calls up to find out where their parcel is you can be helpful and friendly and informative rather than giving a vague answer which doesn’t really give them what they’re looking for making your team look unreliable. Parcel tracking also means someone has to sign for the delivery, meaning if a parcel is claimed to be missing it’s easy to check who signed for it, where and at what time.

There are so many benefits to offering parcel tracking and delivery options that you should definitely consider it for your business.