Online Business Networking: Keep Open Communication Channels

In the brave new world of modern communications and 24/7 connectivity, we end up experiencing many distractions during the course of a typical day. Whether at home or at work, most of us have come to expect it.


When it comes to online networking, the discipline to always being available while maintaining a healthy level of disconnect from electronic media should be cultivated. One of the major reasons is precisely because of how difficult it can be to give of your time … to everyone at all times.

Even though you might technically have the ability to communicate with your network at any time doesn’t mean you should! So this leads us into a few ground rules to help keep productivity and discipline levels high and for striking a balance between work and play.

Reach Out 

To network effectively, first you should be consistently reaching out and connecting with others whenever you can. Productivity results when you have a meeting of the minds. Some of us reach out and connect with others easier, and every person you meet during the course of the day is an opportunity. Whether you are a ‘Type A personality’ or not, it can make things easier when you already have a highly externalized approach to other people.

Even for the more introverted, working with online technologies can help bridge the gap in successful networking. Some find it easier to connect behind the anonymity of a keyboard, especially when discussing topics that interest them. Think of what interests you the most and do a search on Facebook Groups. Other great sites in your search should include LinkedIn and Meetup for both online and offline opportunities. Also consider that whenever new technology surfaces, we should be taking the time to understand the benefits and drawbacks to gauge whether it’s worth adding into our daily routines.

Keep In Touch 

Keeping in touch with our network is also about fostering a competitive  edge. This may depend entirely on the industry you work in, but regardless, it comes down to the basic human approach to networking and creating desirability and influence. Technology aside, being human first with your contacts is what enhances and maximizes successful two way communications.

In 2016, it’s amazing how fast we can develop a business network, and watch it all happen in real time. The pace of discovery is such that we are already pushing for further technology to manage ten or twenty multiple channels of contact. Soon enough, we will all be looking for greater ways to connect with convenience. That means those companies connecting the dots will ensure their future success.

For example, offers an aggregation of online service providers where you can drill down on the best local providers in your area. Today, the speed and reliability of your online presence becomes more of a prerequisite to efficiently run and maintain a business. It’s about minimizing downtime for your business, after all.

If you’re not regularly connecting your network with highly relevant messages, you may find your company efforts similarly irrelevant in the long run. Best to project honesty in everything you do because that’s what people connect with most.

Lastly, remember that you should never, ever treat your ‘network of followers’ as a number. Yes, we are quite familiar with running numbers to get results. Though let us be human beings first. You build relationships with people, so treat each one as an individual and invest the time to get to know them better. Your business will surely benefit.

Author bio: Sam Jones is a digital marketing expert, social media and branding consultant and guest blogger for various publications, including Business2Community, and In her free time, Sam is an avid traveler, foodie and lover of all things technology. She’s also a fitness fanatic (in the making).