How Open Are You To New Business and Marketing Ideas?

There will be times in your professional life where it will feel as though your creativity has stalled out in terms of business and marketing ideas. You’ll have tried everything that you know is already in play, but nothing seems to be really pushing the envelope forward. This is when it’s time to think out of the box.


Five techniques that you can use to break through this cumulative barrier might include utilizing SMS engagement, thinking about how mobile workforces could benefit your company bottom line, thinking about changes in messaging technology, innovating in your industry, and even intentionally seeking out failure.

SMS Engagement

Figuring out SMS engagement is one of the easiest ways for you to prop up your current marketing system. Have a phone (or even a separate desktop) set up so that customers and clients can send you photos to troubleshoot, or complaints about things that need to get fixed, or positive reviews, or requests for service. Prioritize these text and image messages, and get to fixing them ASAP! SMS, in particular, is the single fastest way to improve your feedback time with important transactions.

Mobile Workforces

Part of your problem might be that you’re stuck in the office, or else your coworkers or employees are stuck in there too. Learn the benefits of a mobile workforce when it comes to marketing. Learn about the importance of face to face interactions that are much more likely when employees are actually out in the world. This can be a huge breakthrough for companies of any size, as suddenly your organic reach will explode exponentially.

Changes In Messaging Technology

New messaging apps also offer opportunities for different types of marketing as well. There are messages included inside apps like Periscope, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and countless others, so if you dip into what type of people are using what type of messaging service, you can potentially have an open line of communication to them, especially if you’re willing to interact in a way that promotes organic branding.

Innovating Or Playing Follow the Leader

There are two pathways you can take when it comes to marketing. You can do what’s already been done, or you can forge your way into uncharted territory. If you innovate, you’ll most likely catch the attention of early adopters, at which point they’ll do your advertising for you.

Seeking Out Failure

And interestingly, failure is a great step in the right direction when it comes to marketing success. Because you’ll know, in the future, what not to do. You won’t have to experience on a large scale with things you’ve done on a small scale! So make that feedback loop short, create small adjustments to your marketing focus, and add trial and error to your tool belt.