Power in Print: Traditional Marketing Methods Businesses Should Still Use Today

Marketing methods have evolved over the years, but there are some traditional print marketing strategies that are still just as relevant in today’s business environment as they have ever been.


Using address printers for your direct marketing will help to achieve maximum efficiency when mailing new and existing customers, and this is just one initiative that will help as you find the perfect balance between modern and traditional marketing methods.

Business cards work

With email addresses, Twitter handles, website details and countless other contact details, there is a strong argument to suggest that business cards should not be overlooked as a marketing tool.

One of the key points about using a business card, is that you have to use them effectively, and you also have to spend some time getting the design and information details just right, if you want to maximize their impact.

Take your time to think about the design carefully and check the information you put on there to ensure that it is correct and presented in the right way.

Stand out from the crowd with direct mail

A lot of businesses have almost completely migrated their business efforts to an online platform, but the point to consider about that scenario, is that you are trying to stand out in a very crowded marketplace.

This is why direct mail can still be a very effective marketing tool. You can personalize your message and do something that is not easy to do with email or other online marketing channels, which is get your message directly in front of the intended recipient and on their desk.

Emails are easier to ignore and click away from, whereas figures suggest that up to 80% of letters to consumers will get opened, which compares very favorably with an opening rate of about 30% for email campaigns.

People are also much more likely to keep a letter for future reference than an email, so you get more of a chance to make an impact at some point from your direct mail contact.

Leaflets are cost effective

In much the same vein as direct mail, if you use them properly, leaflets can be a very cost effective way of generating some sales.

Product samples, vouchers and discount offers, are often well received by consumers, who are highly likely to hold on to a leaflet that offers them something, so that they can take advantage of the offer that you have sent them on the leaflet.

We all like familiarity

A fundamental reason why traditional printed advertising and marketing methods continue to flourish, despite the ongoing and growing threat of the internet, is that we tend to have a natural inclination towards things that are more familiar to us.

Maybe future generations might change the landscape, but for the foreseeable future, there is still plenty of power in print. Make sure your business doesn’t lose out by thinking that only digital marketing works, as the facts and figures tell a rather different story.

Rosie Wyatt has worked in several different marketing roles since leaving university. She enjoys combining old with new in her job and encourages paper as well as Pinterest to her clients!