Why Productivity Is a Good Skill to Have as a Trader

If you were asked to define ‘productivity’ you might be hard-pressed to do so. Being productive, in simple terms, means getting things done. But if you look deeper into the matter you will find that it is not merely getting things done but getting them done right, on time and in the most rewarding manner. This is what productivity means in the world of business and also what productivity should mean in the world of trading.


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Helps You Stay in Touch with Volatile Market Movement

Since a productive person is one who gets things done, this is a vital skill to have in the world of trading. Market movement is often fast and furious and if you are a slacker, an unproductive person by nature, you will not be able to keep up with the market as it fluctuates many times throughout the day. If asked why productivity is a good skill for a trader to have, the easiest answer would be to respond that a productive trader is one who stays on top of things so as to make trades as needed based on market conditions at that moment in time.

Enables You to Allocate Time More Wisely

Productivity is important in a trader because it keeps him or her on task. An unproductive trader will appear busy but will actually just be spinning their wheels. Being a productive means that a trader is following the market, jotting notes as it moves and making ‘bets’ based on what they see happening. There is no room for sitting idly by watching the market move. A productive person does more than watch the market as it moves. A productive trader acts on movement to gain a profit.

Offers Better Strategies for Wise Investments

Productivity is also vital in being able to assimilate knowledge to be used going forward. A productive person knows how to assimilate what he or she has learned in order to make wise investments. There is no time to overanalyse any given trading option because of the volatility of the market. Productive traders have learned their strategies, recognise opportunities as they come up and are able to act on them in the moment.

Keeps Your Investments Growing Over Time

So then, what is the main reason why a trader should be productive in the first place? Of course the end result of productivity is a net gain. If nothing of any value is realised that trade isn’t considered to be productive – nothing is gained from the trade.

A trader must be productive because no profit will ever be made otherwise. A trader needs to produce results as this is how his or her investment grows over time. Produce results and you will see that your investment strategies are working. A non-productive trader will soon go broke so there is no sense in continuing to sink money into trades. Why is productivity a good skill for a trader to have? Because being productive is being successful and that’s the main objective in a nutshell.