Promote your business with a Raspberry Pi – here’s how

Naturally, as a businessperson, you will be eager to boost the cost-effectiveness of your operations; in other words, reap as much return as possible from as little expenditure as possible. However, that can be tricky when you want to promote your firm through using technology – which, despite the greatly beneficial effects it can bring to commerce, can seem almost too expensive.

What are you supposed to do when investing in computers, iPads and other devices for corporate ends seems beyond a practical possibility? You could instead consider the merits of the Raspberry Pi. This microcomputer entails an upfront payment of just $35, but can form the heart of any of many different technological marvels for your company. Here are some examples of how.

Fit to print everything that’s fit for print  

There are many different forms of print marketing that your company might want to spend money making. Those could include business cards to hand out at conferences, flyers to be placed on display in libraries and community centers, and brochures to sendto addresses on a mailing list.

Usually, to get those print materials made, you might need to buy a printer or pay an external company to print those materials on your own firm’s behalf. However, you could instead opt to build your own printer around a Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has highlighted one source of inspiration: a Pi-powered photo printer called the Shoop!

Banish the dismay with a big display

Whatever your own views on print advertising and the extent to which it should be used, you could be seriously considering singing your company’s praises through digital signage. For that, however, you could need your own digital displays. Paying the required prices for those could cut further into your company’s budget than you are comfortable with; still, there is another solution…

Yes, it indeed involves the Raspberry Pi. With a Raspberry Pi 3, you could set up a HD streamer that doesn’t break the bank.Alphr has posted a guide to how you can download one of the best forms of streaming software, Kodi, onto a Pi 3. The site also explains how, by doing this and also utilizingopen-source Linux and some cables, you can put together a fast media dongle. It would be great for gathering media and having it displayed on a large, shiny screen.

What’s that? It’s WhatsApp on a Raspberry Pi

If you like the idea of using the popular messaging app WhatsApp to reach out to potential customers, keep in mind that WhatsApp can actually be installed on a Raspberry Pi. What, seriously? Yes, seriously. Buy a Raspberry Pi from The Pi Hut and then follow these steps from Instructables.

Those steps will require you to type in many lines of code; however, don’t feel too daunted by this! A Raspberry Pi can be a great tool for people who are fairly inexperienced with technology and coding; for them, using one can feel like gently dipping into a swimming pool’sshallow end.