Public Liability Solutions for the Self-Employed

The number of British people who have left the security of a salaried position and ventured out on their own is rising all the time, and for those who do become self-employed, there are certain risks to be covered. In any business environment, whether it be in the customer’s home or at the retail outlet, anything could happen at any time. If, for example, a waitress spilled hot coffee over a customer, the establishment would have Public Liability Insurance (PLI), which covers a multitude of scenarios where a person might be injured.

Online Solutions

It is required by law that every registered business has adequate PLI, and leading online providers like Onsite Insurance Quotes, you can have very affordable cover that is tailored to suit your needs. If you deal with an online insurance company, everything can be arranged via their website, which means you don’t even have to leave your office, and once the insurer has receives a secure online payment, you and your business is covered for every eventuality.

Tailored to the Business

PLI can come in many shapes and sizes, as a multi-national car manufacturer would require different cover to that of a self-employed carpenter, and with a range of cover limits – typically upwards of half a million pounds, the business is covered in the event of any accident that either occurs on the premises or at a client’s home or office.

Working at Height

If you are in the building trade, the chances are you have to sometimes work above ground, and in such a scenario, it is essential you are covered for any eventuality. If, for example, a self-employed bricklayer wishes to offer his services to a builder, he would have to produce a PLI certificate, otherwise he will not be able to work onsite. Whatever your trade, if you wish to work in construction and are self-employed, you will need some form of PLI cover, and with an online search, you can very quickly source the ideal provider.

Peace of Mind

Aside from the legal requirement, having adequate PLI also gives you peace of mind, knowing that, in the event of an accident that caused personal injury, or damage to property, you would be fully covered by your insurance. If you would like to compare quotes, then spending an hour online would certainly allw you to compare rates, and then you are in a position to make an informed decision on which is the best policy.

Protect yourself and your Business

You could be doing very well and have a solid marketing strategy and brimming order books, yet an untimely accident could financially cripple your business, and in some cases, an insurance claim is the reason the business had to fold.

If you are soon to go it alone and enter the self-employed construction industry, all it takes to obtain your public liability insurance is an online search, and once you are covered, you can work with peace of mind, knowing you are protected.