The Realities of Owning a Small Business: Are You Up for the Challenge?

Running a business can be a fantastic option for some people. Being your own boss certainly has its benefits, and the financial rewards can be fantastic if the business goes well.

But as any entrepreneur will tell you, starting and running a small business involves a lot of work – and there are many challenges that you will have to deal with.

Here are some of the main challenges that you might face, so you can decide whether starting your own business really is the right option for you.

Managing Employees

Employees are always going to present a significant challenge to you when you run a business. It’s not only a case of hiring the right people in the first place, which can be difficult enough. You will also have to make sure they are happy, and you may need to deal with problems between staff members.

You may even have to fire employees who do not meet your expectations, and at some point you may even find the need to hire business employment solicitors. As a result, you will find that managing your staff comes with a lot of challenges.

Managing Cash Flow

Managing cash flow properly is absolutely essential for small businesses. Many small businesses have gone bust simply because they have not managed to do this effectively.

So make sure you keep on top of your cash flow and know exactly how much is coming in and going out. And be strict with your client payment deadlines – if clients pay late, you may even want to consider avoiding doing business with them. This is where an experienced accountant can be invaluable.

Proper Organisation

Keeping organised is tough. You won’t just need to keep organised yourself, but you’ll also have your employees to manage. There are so many things to keep on top of when you run a business, and you really have to be a good organiser.

Getting Enough Business

You will also have to ensure that you get enough business in by selling enough products and finding enough clients and customers. If everything goes wrong, it is you who will end up suffering. You also have a responsibility to your employees, and this can be stressful.


It can be lonely at the top. You may be someone who thrives on your own, but there is a certain loneliness that comes with being the boss. Are you able to deal with that?

Making Sure You Don’t Neglect Your Personal Life

You have a life outside of your business, and you may have a family and children. If so, you have to make a real effort to avoid neglecting them. Even when you are busy, it is important to keep on top of both your business and personal life. Can you get the right balance?

Is a Small Business Right for You?

Despite all of the above challenges, running your own small business can be greatly rewarding. Some people thrive on the challenges, and you may be one of them. You may decide that running your own business is exactly what you want to do, but just make sure you know about the possible difficulties in advance.

Caitlin Stevenson started her own small business several years ago, and believes it was the best “leap” she ever made! She writes business articles, mostly aimed at women, to help others achieve their dream of owning a business.