Responsibilities Your Exhibition Contractor Should Handle

A great exhibition contractor’s main purpose is to design, build and install your stand. There are many things in between or you can even subtract some elements from the equation. But there it is. The bare bones and the most essential aspects your contractor will handle when you hire them to deliver your stand.

It is always good to be aware of expectations in terms of the responsibilities they should fulfil. This gives you extra breathing space in the lead up to the exhibition so you can invest your time and energy into areas that you are best at controlling. When you leave the exhibition logistics up to the professionals, it guarantees a seamless and well organised day.


When you are about to hire your exhibition contractors, always clarify what services they provide and check their website for more details. Each company is different, but the majority should offer these basic yet essential services:

  1. They will deliver what you outline in your brief and produce your ideal stand. 

Whether this is customised or modular will be something you discuss and decide on a company/individual level. Once you do, the contractor, depending on their resources and expertise, will bring your ideas to life in the design process.

Tapping into their knowledge of effective graphic design at exhibitions, minimal text and powerful imagery will help produce an effective display. The next stage will be to manufacture the physical stand so you can see it before the event.

  1. The installation process is completely in the hands of the exhibition contractors. 

This is another great element of letting a third party handle the intricate details of the exhibition. You can focus on gathering and psyching up your team for the big day to gather as many potential business leads as possible.

The contractors, however, will be purely focused on everything going on behind the scenes. They will be in charge of installing the stand. That comes with ensuring all elements such as: lighting, media displays, banners, storage, graphics and any furniture you require is all set out beforehand.

During the day, the project manager should be on call just in case any hiccups occur. Any portable or modular display equipment will be taken care of by the staff so you and your team can focus on enticing those potential clients!

A reliable and reputable exhibition contractor will deliver everything on time and provide exactly what has been promised.

  1. Your contractors should transport and dismantle everything 

This element of the service adds to the stress-free experience you will have during the whole process when hiring a contractor. This is because they not only take care of the installation, but they also see to it that the stand is safely dismantled so it’s in perfect condition for future exhibitions. Depending on which contractor you choose, they may also offer storage facilities so you have a secure place to keep your stand between shows.