How Small Businesses Can Benefit from a Wealth Advisor

Most small business owners would agree that day-to-day they work extremely hard in order to enjoy continued success and profitability. The world of the small business a tough environment to operate in and so it makes sense for owners to accept a helping hand whenever they can. When it comes to making investments outside of the business, using a respected wealth advisor can make the process quick and easy.


A Professional Approach

If, as a small business owner, you have some surplus capital that you feel could be working harder, then you would do well to consider your options. Sanlam are a private investment company who specialise in advising businesses and individuals on a range of investment and saving products. Putting your money in the hands of professionals can give you peace of mind as well as a good return.

Types of Investment Products

There are of course numerous investment products to choose from and personal circumstance may dictate to a degree which products are the best for you. From simple Investment Saving Accounts (ISAs) where you can save money tax free to much more sophisticated options such as bespoke portfolio management. The latter involves your capital being invested in a variety of different stocks and shares, you can choose the level of risk you are willing to be exposed to and then the rest is taken care of by the wealth management company.

Why Invest?

The short answer to the question why invest, is, for profit. Whether you are aiming to preserve your existing capital and let it grow relatively slowly over time, you are looking to secure a second income stream or if you are wanting to invest in a high risk/high profit strategy, there is a plan that will suit your requirements. At the low risk end of the scale you are still likely to get a better return than you would if you put the capital in an interest account. At the high risk end of the scale your money could grow very rapidly, although it should be said that you should only take part in a high risk strategy if you can afford to lose the capital.

Today’s financial landscape is one where only those who are pro-active when it comes to investing their money are going to benefit from a good return. With interest rates so low many are looking to invest in alternative ways and using a professional wealth advisor may well put you on the right track.