A Social Media Check is the New Standard

Employers are now using a social media check to find reliable and longlasting employees. Employers have realized that a social media check allows them to dive deeper into a person’s life beyond what a standard background check provides. In a recent study, it was found that over 70% of people have admitted to committing a crime on social media. Many of these individuals were not charged because the crimes were not fully investigated. If employers do not do a social media check on people who proudly state on social media they committed a crime, employers will place their entire organization in jeopardy.

Another great thing about a social media check is that employers can make sure a person’s resume is exact. Social media websites allow people to list past employers, schooling, resumes, and more. Employers can quickly discover if a potential employee did not attend a specific school or work at a specific place.

A social media check is also great as it relates to personal messages. Employers can observe personal messages sent and received from potential employees. These messages can give some great details regarding how potential employees feel about their past employers. This allows employers to have an idea of how a specific employee will talk about them.

Spy software is the best way for employers to conduct a social media check. This software allowers employers to spy on potential employees without their knowledge. Employers will be able to take on the role of an affiliate or friend, and the employer will be able to see everything in a person’s social media account, including personal messages.

Spy software also comes with a search engine. This allows the employer to search for certain words throughout the social media account. Many employers have used this software to search for words that would bring forth flags regarding why the employee should not be hired. Most spy software even comes with suggestion words for this type of issue. Though this software is costly, it is highly recommended for employers who are serious about hiring the best employees for their corporation. Thousands of employers credit this type of software for helping them find employees that shine for their company on a daily basis.

Beyond spy software, many employers have been hiring digital spy companies. The best company on the market is FAMA. FAMA specializes in helping employers find the perfect employees. Their services deal only with searching social media accounts. These specialists have the greatest software known to man. In fact, they make a promise to every employer that the employee they are investigating will never know their account was reviewed.

FAMA offers great packages that can be purchased monthly or annually. FAMA specialists believe employers will never have a problem finding the perfect employee after using FAMA’s services. FAMA is recognized around the United States as being the best digital spy agency in America. They have a five-star rating on various websites, and their main website is filled with thousands of positive reviews.