Some Top Factors You Should Consider when Choosing an Apparel Printing Service

If you’ve decided that making use of personalised t-shirts and other apparel can be a big boost for your business, then you’re not alone. Companies have used personalised apparel for years and years, and its effectiveness is still as evident today as it was decades ago. Personalised apparel – whether it’s simple t-shirts, polo shirts, caps, hoodies, or jerseys – can give your company a lot of recognition every time they are worn, making your brand instantly recognisable and even giving your business a better image. But for the best personalised apparel, you need to partner with the best apparel printing provider. So, the question is, how do you choose the best one? Here are some top factors you should consider when choosing an apparel printing service.

Honesty and creativity

Whilst technical knowledge and the knowledge of the best technical methods are highly recommended, you should also think about the honesty of the company and their creativity. The two aspects go hand in hand, because if they aren’t honest about what they can do for you in a creative sense, how can you expect excellent service and the results you want? Be careful with a company that says ‘yes’ first before thinking carefully about your requirements. Whilst you want to work with a positive and enthusiastic printing service, you want them to be realistic as well. A good apparel printing service will tell you if something can or cannot be done and will suggest ways to help you achieve what you want. Creativity is also key, and it not only applies to how they put together a design or match colours but also to how they can resolve an issue or find the best solution for a specific problem. They will know how to think outside the box to find the best solution for your needs, in other words.


A good apparel printing service should also provide you with recommendations on the best designs and they should also be able to offer you some resources on artwork that is print-ready if you so require.

A variety of printing methods and techniques

When choosing an apparel printing service, you should also consider the variety of printing methods and techniques they have on offer. Do they have the necessary tools for advanced printing methods, or can they offer only the very basic techniques? Some examples of printing methods and techniques include screen printing (the most common and the most popular), transfer printing, DTG or direct to garment printing, CAD cut vinyl printing and dye sublimation. They should present you with these techniques and make suggestions on which technique works best with your design.

Other value-added services

Apparel printing services are plentiful, and this means competition is fierce as well. The best ones will strive to provide their customers with some value-added services – services you wouldn’t normally expect – such as an order sample service, where you can order samples as well as test prints, and free visual mock-ups prior to printing as well, such as those provided by Birmingham t shirt printing services like Garment Printing. You can also look for some other services such as an express service (some even offer same-day printing) and even a money-back guarantee and 100% reprinting if you aren’t satisfied with the end product.

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