A Superior Call Center That Provides Several Key Services

It seems that as technology has made so many elements of our daily life easier and more convenient, it has at the same time made some things that used to be simple and easy to deal with more aggravating, time-consuming, and difficult to handle. One good example of this is trying to contact a company’s call center to have even the most simple question answered.


Customers who need to call companies now, hoping to speak to a representative that is easy to understand and have a conversation with, and who knows the product well, find that in more cases than not that this is disappearing from the landscape.

People seem to be finding that it is in many cases nearly impossible to speak to a live customer service representative right away. If and when they do get the opportunity to speak with someone, they often first have to endure a whole litany of “menu options”, spending frustrating time in this whole process, which can last several minutes, before any measure of satisfaction can be realized. And of course, this doesn’t even take into consideration time spent on hold.

Many companies are now outsourcing their call center services to overseas locations, saving money on labor costs. Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than to go through all the ‘rigamarole’ often associated with getting the opportunity to speak with a live representative than to then try to understand the person they’re talking to. Someone whose English-speaking skills, marginal at best, leaves the caller repeating themselves over and over, and asking clarification repeatedly from the representative who’s supposed to be there “helping”.

Companies may not gain new customers by having an effective, easy-to-use and understand Call Center Service, but they certainly could lose customers; by having such inferior services that the customer may have to access from time-to-time, that customer may get so sick of dealing with that company, they take their business elsewhere. With so much competition out in the marketplace now, this is easy for the customer to do, and can be devastating for businesses that desperately need to keep valued customers.

A company that puts customer satisfaction at a premium will ensure they have a superior call center that provides several key services to provide exceptional service to their customers. One terrific example of such a company is Solid Cactus, who offers customers a wide variety of customizable solutions to fit whatever needs the business may have.

The company, as a customer, should look for a call center company that is entirely U.S.-based, with American operators that are experts in customer service. They should be able to answer product inquiries, and be able to capture sales and upsell products if the situation should call for it.

This company will have an answering service, with a personal receptionist able to take and relay messages, as well as screen calls.

And based on the functionality of the company’s website, the company this client should look to do business with will be able to provide Managed Live Chat services. A Generation-X friendly staff who are proactive and rule-based in their discipline, and are able to satisfy all customer inquiries and concerns in one friendly, easy-to-use, and understand, conversation.