That’s How You Rock At Writing AN IELTS Essay

Everything you need to know about writing IELTS essays gathered in one informational article. Check it out and rock your next paper like a true pro!

Everything You Need To Know About An IELTS Essay

So you are the lucky guy who was assigned with an IELTS essay? The task is most likely designed to measure and evaluate your command of English. The test paper is most likely demanded as a part of the American Immigration Policy program.

IELTS is serious stuff. Really serious! Thus if you can afford the time – ensure you hire a professional essay writer like the ones has listed among its employees. People there have both the skill and knowledge to assist you with keen grasp of English, appropriate forming and rock-solid research.

Alas, as history shows, this options isn’t always available and, in most cases, IELTS test participants have to write the paper on their own. Worry not though; professional essay writers can help here as well. We can help with knowledge. Read through this article carefully and you’ll know exactly what needs to be done once time comes.

Common types of IELTS essays

What are the applicable formats for an essay that’s about to determine whether or not you are good enough to become a permanent resident of the United States?

  • Agree or Disagree with a thesis essay
  • A paper that discusses two opinions
  • A paper designed to highlight advantages and/or disadvantages of something
  • Causes and effects paper
  • Causes and solutions essay
  • A paper about a problem and fitting solutions

Feel free to use this little list as a formatting cheat sheet. Look up for some of the best writing practices for each particular essay type on the web. Do your homework ell and consider you are halfway there as the heavy lifting is finally done.

Do note that there might be series of minor changes to these patterns on the test so be sure to read your assignment carefully before writing anything.

Anatomy of an IELTS essay

The IELTS essay usually consists of three parts: the introduction, the body and the conclusion. Each part resembles its respective goal and should be treated accordingly. Let’s talk about every single part in more detail, shall we?

  • The Introduction. This is the shortest section of an essay and it’s the most important one at the same time. Engaging the reader to read on with interest is the lion’s share of success. Don’t get to curvy with words though as you are still required to carefully highlight the topic of an essay and express the theme you are writing about.
  • The body. This s the largest section of an essay. It makes the entirety of your story. The body usually consists of two to three paragraphs of text. Every paragraph must have a single idea at its core and several thoughts that back up the concept. Same can be said about the blocks of text themselves. The first paragraph should be about your main idea and the other two are destined to support it.
  • The conclusion. Two or three sentences max, this element must simply visualize the thought you were proving in body paragraphs. Just re-state your thesis and power it up with several thoughts about the future of the matter.

That’s it. Your IELTS essay is done!