The Advantages of Using Headsets for Small Businesses

Whether you’re a manager or business owner, you’ll always be searching for ways to improve productivity and staffing environments. Customer service is one of the most important parts of your business and one of the easiest ways to improve this area is to install hands free headsets. The following article will highlight some of the many benefits of using them in the workplace.

Freedom to Move

If you’re currently using a telephone system for a small business which relies on wired phones, your productivity levels are suffering. If you’re trying to work and speak with customers on a wired phone, your range of movement is very limited. So, it affects your ability to multitask and carry out additional jobs. One hand is kept firmly on the phone and you can only move as far as the cord will allow you. This is a big problem if you work in a busy office or alone, and you need to complete other tasks.

A hands-free headset allows you to move around your desk and the office while attending to other projects or work tasks. Your movement isn’t restricted, and both of your hands are free to type or write while you speak to customers or suppliers. You don’t have to be at the desk to be on your phone, you can be in another part of the building and still be available to take calls.

Increased Output

The reason why hands-free headsets are so desirable is because they increase productivity. Workers aren’t confined to their desks when communicating on the phone, they can go about their business without having to be at their desk to answer every call. Research suggests that changing your communications devices to a system which includes hand-free headsets can increase productivity by up to 45%. Some of the reasons for this increase in work output include:

  • The ability to type faster when not using a wired phone.
  • The ability to focus on other projects and multitask more efficiently.
  • Easier to write when using hands-free kits as opposed to a phone with a cord.

Ergonomics & Health

Using a hands-free headset is healthier than putting a phone to your ear every day. Studies continue to show that putting a phone to your ear numerous times a day and resting it between your shoulder and head isn’t good for your posture. It creates stress and tension around your neck, causing these muscles to over contract throughout the day. This leads to strains and other types of muscular injuries.

Installing hands-free headsets in your workplace also improves the attitude of your workers, they’re happier in their surroundings, meaning they approach their duties with more care and attention. This ultimately leads to exceptional customer service.

Finding a company to install features like hands-free headsets are highly advantageous to your business when upgrading or fitting a new phone system in your workplace. They increase productivity substantially, creating a more efficient, happier workforce.