The Role of Photo ID Cards in a Successful Business

There are many different ways to make your business successful, but so many organisations neglect to think of the advantages of printing ID cards. ID cards are becoming increasingly more necessary for organisations, not just for identification purposes, but for access control, marketing, staff morale and much more.

If your company hasn’t yet thought of the benefits of ID card printing for staff, visitors and contractors, it’s time to change that as you could be seriously missing an opportunity.

Staff morale

One less thought of way that photo ID cards can improve business success is by increasing staff morale. By giving employees their own personalised ID card, it gives them a sense of belonging and shows legitimacy of the business. It is underestimated but this small gesture can really help members of staff feel comfortable, especially if they are given out soon after joining the company, meaning everyone can get to know them quickly.

This also works with visitor and contractor ID badges. Although they don’t have any personal information on, it gives them an instant sense that they are welcome and authorised to be in the building. This also makes it very easy to spot someone who is not authorised, creating a much safer work environment and because staff and visitors feel safe, the work is more likely to be of a better output.


If your employees meet customers’ face to face then an ID card can also help improve the relationship with customers. Your customers will know exactly who they’re speaking to and what their job role is, plus it’s a nice touch to let you customers know that all staff will arrive on site displaying their ID card. This process creates a positive image in the customers mind and therefore allows for a positive relationship with the business and increases the likeliness of the customer becoming a repeat customer.


Possibly the most crucial way that ID cards can improve a business’ success is because they greatly increase security. Firstly, they show identification, meaning each member of staff can be identified. This allows for quick, easy checks, especially in very large organisations. You can also be assured that no ID cards are copied or counterfeited if you have additional security features added to the cards.


Not only does personalised ID cards and lanyards promote your brand around your daily work environment, but it also gives you more promotion in the outside world. As many staff continue to wear their identification before and after working hours, especially on their journeys to and from, this allows them to promote the company brand on the bus, train street etc. just by showing the logo on their lanyard.

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