The Top Five Benefits of Having an Extractor Fan in Your Business Premises

An extractor fan has more uses than one might think – in fact, using an extractor fan in areas of business may be crucial to the overall health of the people present in the room. This simple device doesn’t just suck air to regulate temperature; it does much more than that. Following are the top five benefits of using an extractor fan.

What’s in the air?

When the air is perfectly clean, you breathe healthier and feel more energised. But air is hardly ever perfectly clean; there are plenty of pollutants everywhere. A room may seem perfectly clean at first but the air quality deteriorates very quickly when people are present, especially when working in enclosed working spaces.

1Rooms can become too hot for comfort. Spaces can be filled with moisture and humidity. Noxious gases and toxic fumes are common in kitchens or cellars where materials are burned, and some of these pollutants are odourless and invisible, making them all the more dangerous.

  1. Extractor fans remove heat

Not only is this important for the comfort of your staff, research has shown that individuals are more productive when the temperature in their business premises is well-regulated and slightly below the comfort level. Colder air gives a fresh feeling and stimulates the mind.

  1. Extractor fans regulate humidity

Dampness caused by cooking or steam quickly builds up. This moisture in the air can be dangerous to your health in and of itself, but can cause even worse problems in the form of mould and mildew. A well-ventilated space is too dry for spores to develop, which translates into a much healthier work environment.

  1. Extractor fans remove gas and smoke

Areas where smokers often gather or spaces where burning appliances are used (such as kitchens or cellars with heaters) benefit greatly from extractor fans – harmful gases and smoke is extracted and new, fresh air can replace the old, stale air.

  1. Extractor fans remove unpleasant odours

Bad odours and unpleasant smells are the result of tiny particles in the air that are free to float around the area, causing a negative reaction when they touch our smell receptors. Bad odours are often a signal that there is something potentially dangerous in the area. Extractor fans help remove these unpleasant smells.

  1. Extractor fans help maintain the quality of walls and objects

A room that is filled with pollutants of any kind – humidity, smoke, gases, or too much heat – will quickly show signs of deteriorating wallpaper, and walls that are exposed for a long time to toxic air will soon become brittle or show signs of discolouration. Furniture and fabrics may show similar signs.

Extractor fans maintain the quality of the air, ensuring a healthier working environment and maintaining the quality of objects in a room. If you would like to browse through a wide range of extractor fans and other necessary electrical supplies, visit Recon Electrical Wholesale.

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