Three Reasons Why You Need a Business Plan

Writing a business plan doesn’t mean that you have to spend months sat at your desk, labouring over pages and pages of text. Creating a good business plan is probably a lot easier than you think, and you can put together a solid plan in a month or even less if you work at it part-time. Of course, not all startups are the same, and the industry and type of business which you are thinking about starting will have an effect on your business plan. But, regardless of the type of business which you are planning to run, having a written plan is essential. Here’s why.

Business plan

Avoid Making Big Mistakes

The last thing that you want is to spend a year or even more working on your startup, only to realise that you have actually been destined for failure right from the very start. Many entrepreneurs learn the hard way that they have not set aside enough capital to achieve their goals, for example, or even that they don’t actually have a viable way to make money or have made the wrong investments. Writing a business plan gives you something to look back at to make sure that you are not going off track. For advice and support writing your business plan, visit

Get Funding

If you’re hoping to raise a lot of capital for your business idea in the form of a bank loan, investment funding or other type of business funding opportunity, you will most definitely need a business plan. If you walk into your local bank and ask them to give you a loan to help fund your new startup, the first thing that they will ask to see is your business plan, as it will help them to determine how much of a risky move lending to you will be. If you’re asking to borrow money for your business from anywhere, it’s vital to be able to communicate your vision in a clear and concise way – something that you can easily do with a business plan.

Keep Everybody Informed

Chances are, you’re not starting up a company all on your own. And, even if you’re by yourself in it now, there’s a high chance that you will potentially get business partners, investors and others who will join you at some point along the way. Having a good business plan in place makes it easy to ensure that everybody is informed about your business’ goals and predictions, and that they are all on the same page when it comes to running the business as a whole. Regardless of who is involved in getting your startup off the ground and running, a business plan makes sure that everybody is heading in the right direction and makes sure that things run smoothly from the start.

No matter what kind of business you have in mind, writing a good business plan is essential! A business plan not only helps your company to stay on track, but can also help you get funding and make good partnerships.