Tips For Making Interoffice Romance Work

You can’t help who you love, and you definitely can’t help when you find it. Romance has a habit of being spontaneous and exactly what you need when you need it. You just can’t plan for love to come. When you force it, you get the imitation of it. You get a mirage. You get fleeting feelings that don’t last because they’re based on emotions rather than a deeply seeded care about somebody’s wellbeing.


While you should be doing everything you can to be open to the idea of love coming, part of you just has to let go and let it come to you, whenever, wherever, however it pleases. It could happen in line at the supermarket, it could happen at the dentist office, it could happen at work. In fact, work is often a place where romance springs unexpectedly because people spend so much time with one another. If you’re feeling like somebody you’ve gotten to know at work could be the real thing, here are some tips for making that interoffice romance work. Who knows…it just might be love.

Keep It Under Wraps Until It’s For Sure

If feelings are flying in the office between you and a co worker, it’s best that you keep whatever is going on under the surface for a bit. Work gossip is the worst because everybody spends so much time together and is in everybody else’s business. When romance is budding, you don’t want to let the kids at it too fast because in its infancy, they just might squash whatever is blossoming.

If you really like this person, or even if it’s just a maybe, refrain from talking about it with others and see where it goes organically. Once the relationship is founded and you know it’s a go, you can start talking. Chances are good people will already have assumptions that it’s going on, but if you want things to have a better chance, keep it under wraps.

Don’t Care What People Think

Once news gets out that you and your now partner are dating, there will be talk going around. Some will be positive, some negative. It’s your job to not care what people think. You like this person. That’s all that matters. People can be weird with relationships in general, and they think they know what’s best for you, but they don’t.

Love has its process and you have to allow it to work its course. When you pay attention to others comments and you let that get in the way of what’s happening between you and your new found love, it has the ability to change things for the worse. In the office, keep it discreet until you’re confident you can survive the hubbub, and then don’t care about the hubbub.