Tips For Making Your Website A Better Marketing Tool

What are you doing with your website to market your business? Did you just set it up and hope that it would do something on its own? Unless you have the right pages and are working to reach the right people, it’s likely not doing the job that it could be doing for you.


If you want your website to be a useful marketing tool you need to put love and dedication into it. It takes knowing what a website needs, and knowing what people look for in a website, to make something that will truly do its job. Here are some things that can help.

Don’t Just Blog, Have A News Section

What pages does your blog have? The pages of your blog are a huge part of the blog overall, and a big part of how it is marketing your company. You know that an about page is an important feature, it’s where people get to meet you and your business, but a website cannot thrive on an about page alone.

Consider not just having a blog but also having a news page. Blogs are great for giving people the information they are looking for and sharing your expertise, but a news page allows you to share new information with them on your business and on the industry in which your business falls. 

If, like a lot of businesses, you find that you don’t have enough hours in the week to commit to keeping your company blog updated and you don’t have the extra expenditure available to hire someone full-time to keep up with it, consider outsourcing this responsibility. Using services for content creation can be a massive influence on traffic. If you provide content that is of value to readers, you’ll find that people are much more likely to explore the site for more, earning you the exposure that will boost your business and the traffic that will boost your search engine rankings.

Do You Have Events?

Make sure you are advertising any events you are having or are a part of. Events are a great way to attract new customers and to remind regular customers that you are there. There are all sorts of events businesses can have, but unless you are sharing their existence people won’t know about them.

Have your event page there to share sales events, special open house events, and even grand openings for new locations. Maybe you are having a special after hours event for dedicated customers that always come to your business for their needs. Share it in that section so that they have a reminder to have that date free.

Give Better Descriptions

Whether you sell products or services, you need to have excellent descriptions on your website if you intend for it to market those things to the general public. People want to read descriptions that allow them to see, taste, and feel what you are selling them without actually having the items in their hands.

Use descriptive words and don’t forget to include photos, just like how Feazel does on their website. Having photos of different angles of an item can also be extremely helpful.

Market To The Right Demographic

No matter what else you are doing to market your business through your website you’re going to have trouble if you aren’t reaching the right demographic. What age groups, sex, and wage groups are the people in that normally use your products and services? Make sure your blog posts and other website information caters to their interests.

If your site is about car repairs, while there are many women that are into vehicles, you’ll do better focusing more on men of a certain age. Just like a website selling women’s fashion isn’t going to need to have blog posts about men.