Tips to Getting Promoted

Where are we in our everyday life? I believe at a point where we fight with ourselves, our work and many other things to survive the situations that are provided to us by life and Life Isn’t Fair! Many of us who are working at different workplaces expect to get better with the passage of time, expect to be paid more with the passage of time and expect to get promoted with the passage of time.

Promotion: what do you think this word promotion means when you are at work? Ever heard of it? No? You must. Promotion is an advancement of an employee at work from a current position to a more superior position. You are not only promoted from one rank to another rank but also more responsibilities are added to your position, your morale is boosted up and so is your pay check!

Classification of Promotion: There is always a different form of promotion that is granted to nay employee on the basis of their performances. There are 3 major classifications of promotions in a career i.e.

  1. Horizontal Promotion
  2. Vertical Promotion
  3. Dry Promotion

A Horizontal Promotion refers to the kind of promotion where the employee is shifted from one position to another position in the same category.  If for example, you are working at an eliquid shop, you could move from a cashier to a product stocker.

A Vertical Promotion refers to the kind of promotion where the employee is shifted from one position to another higher position.  For example, if you were a cashier, you could move to a manager.

A Dry Promotion is an increase in the position of the employee without the increase in the pay check.  For example, if you were a cashier, you could get a manager title, but no pay increase.

Tips on getting a Promotion:

There are a lot of things an employee can do in order to get into the eyes of the people who are able to provide promotions which can be the manager of the company or the HR representative of the company. The point to focus on before you take any step is to be clear of the fact that when you plan on getting a promotion you need to be more proactive and intellectual with your work because naturally the amount of work with the promotion will increase. You get promoted according to your performance. Following are a few tips that will help you improve your performance and get a promotion without even asking for it. Your actions would speak louder than your words.

  1. You must have a complete self-assessment plan of the work you do.
  2. Your performance in your work should be monitored by you.
  3. Keep a record of your monitored work.
  4. You must craft a plan before asking for a promotion.
  5. You must track and quantify your activities.
  6. Work ethically and work hard for your desired position.
  7. Always share your success with other, do not take full responsibility of any achievement.
  8. Step outside your comfort zone and be more active.
  9. Be an extrovert, a team player.
  10. Take training programs.
  11. Keep yourself educated with every kind of updates around.
  12. Keep a track about what your company wants more from the employees.
  13. Avoid being a part of the gossip.
  14. Create your own, powerful and strong personality.