To Market to Market

Some of the articles and blogs on this website talk about entrepreneurial mindsets, finance, technology and a whole lot of business. One of the more important facets of all these topics is marketing. Some young people go into marketing as a career choice. They learn about statistical analysis, surveys, terms like global and demographic, and these are all important when you are looking at targeting your product at particular markets for it to be successful.


What talents do you need to be a successful marketer? Are all these topics of any value? What about creativity? There are thousands of people out there that have no formal qualifications or training in the field of marketing but somehow, they land on an idea and work out a way to make it attractive. The development of technology, especially in the social media field has allowed product launches to hit millions of people at once. The term ‘overnight success’ has real meaning now.

Go back to the years before the internet, not so long ago actually, and new technologies and product launches and great ideas took a while to travel across the oceans to become famous in another country. Television, newspapers and radio were the only available mediums that could be used. An individual in one country is only a millisecond away from another person in a different country. Tech companies like UK developers, for instance, are available to put a rocket under your idea and have it land on another continent!

I had a friend who was always coming up with crazy ideas and every few days she would be rushing off to with what I am sure they thought was another hare-brained scheme to make money. The thing is that she has been successful a couple of times and her apps can be downloaded from i-Tunes or Google Apps. Not so crazy after all!

She is a perfect example of a regular person with no formal university education in marketing and she knows very little about technology. What she does know is how to make some of the mundane but vital aspects of life easier to do. So it’s her creative mind that wraps itself around some daily task and makes her ask the question: Can this be done easier? Can it be more fun? Can it remind us so we don’t forget to do it? She doesn’t even care about the app development cost, which in some instances can be staggeringly high when you consider just how much work might go into a simple app that appears on your phone.

Then again, she has tasted success a couple of times and the apps she thought about over a year ago still make her residual income. I’m not even sure if it’s about money anyway. With my friend, it’s more about creativity and using that to find a market for her idea. And isn’t that what it’s really all about?