Top 4 Must Have Programs for Your PC Computer

When you first buy your computer, no software is installed in it except the default system software that comes with Microsoft Windows OS. You should install a few software on your computer to make it more useful. These software can help you to perform your every day task smoothly. The following are the top 4 must have software you should install on your Windows PC.


  1. Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 Free

Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 Free is a CD and DVD burning software that allows you to burn all kinds of files into a rewritable disc. It comes with an audio CD ripper that allows you to extract WMA and WAV files from a CD/DVD onto your computer. On the interface, you can find all the tools you need for burning the CD/DVD. You can burn files from CD, DVD as well as blu-ray discs. There is no need to register to use the product.

  1. OneNote

OneNote allows you to create simple notes that can be organized. The notes are searchable with the use of keywords. You can sync Onenote to your mobile devices and computer PC. It not only can be used to record notes but it can also be used to record audio and video. You can embed images and spreadsheets in the one note. You can create groups that is divided into several sections. In every section, there are a lot of pages of notes.

  1. Process Explorer

Process Explorer will show what programs are running on the computer background.  It works just like Windows Task Manager but it provides more information on your programs. It let you know the files that are being used by the process so that you know what is the program doing on the background of your computer.

  1. Movavi Slideshow Maker

Movavi Slideshow Maker is a slideshow creator software that allows you to create slideshow movies with sound by using pictures and videos. It offers a user friendly work space where all the tools that you need are visible on the screen. It has a prevew section that allows you to preview the result of the edits you make on the picture slides.

When you load Movavi Slideshow Maker, it will show two modes including easy mode and full feature mode. If you choose easy mode, it will guide you on creating the slideshows in 3 steps. You can follow through the 3 steps via the tabs on the left.

The pictures and soundtrack are load onto the timeline panel that functions as a place for you to create the storyboard of your slideshows. You can add text to the slides and customize it with a number of transition effects.

There are plenty of transition effects to choose from including crossfade, random, simple, geometric, and artistic transitions. You can set the slide duration and the length of the slideshow can be adjusted to the length of the audio track. The export function allows you to save the slideshow in virtually any movie format including format that is compatible with most mobile devices.