The Top Five Signs it’s Time to switch your Business Deliveries


Your deliveries are a hugely important part of your business, they’re what your customers rely on to get their ordered goods and ultimately your primary means of ensuring you end up with happy clients and returning custom. As such these need to be the best they can be, so how can you keep a track of them to ensure this is the case?

There are in fact a number of signs to look out for with your deliveries and here are five tell-tale examples it might be time for you to switch providers:

#1 They are Late

First and foremost, if your customers’ deliveries are late this is dead giveaway there’s a problem. A late arrival not only reflects badly on the quality of the service you’re using, it more importantly looks bad for your company.

#2 They are Expensive

The amount you’re having to pay to use a delivery company is also another factor to consider. If you feel you’re being charged over the odds, do a little competitor research to see what the going rate is from other firms.

#3 They arrive Damaged

Similar to point one, if your customers get their consignments in a poor state (i.e. the box is damaged or poorly sealed) they’re not going to be very happy. Plus, you’ll know you’ve sent these out in pristine condition and it’s the delivery company who have damaged this in transit.

#4 They end up Missing

One of the worst-case scenarios is that your customers don’t get their respective parcels at all and the delivery company don’t know where it is. Needless to say this can be incredibly damaging for your business, both in name and financially.

#5 They are the Wrong Items

Another big sign something is wrong is if the items that your clients get are the wrong ones. Even if they arrive quickly and in the best condition, if they’re not the correct items you’ll have a lot of problems you then need to sort out.

With all of the above, the ultimate knock-on effect is you risk losing customers and can get a bad reputation. There are plenty of quality providers out there like Parcel2Go or ParcelABC for example who have lots of experience in the field. The smart move then if you’ve experienced any of the above is to act now and switch your delivery management to a new and better company.

Image courtesy of iStock