The Ultimate Secret to Success in ANYTHING

Before I even get into further detail about it, I have to state upfront that the ultimate secret to success in anything really is indeed making sure you enjoy it! It may seem like a bit of a cliché, but it’s every bit as true as is suggested, testimony to which truth is a selection of some living, breathing examples of people who realise success in what they do because their involvement in whatever it is they’re doing is driven by the fun attached to it.

Easier said than done?

Well pretty much everything in this world which yields some sort of favourable results is easier said than done, so you can bet those last residual pennies which help you over the cross-line in each month’s financial race prior to the next payday that aligning something you love doing with an income stream is indeed easier said than done as well! In fact, it’s not easy at all and in addition to being seriously challenging, it’s not something which the establishment encourages.

The establishment would otherwise lose a loyal working cog in the machine which continues to make it rich on the back of the efforts of each of those cogs if it encouraged the type of freethinking which would have everybody seek to make their living doing something they enjoy rather than something they feel they have to put up with just to make ends meet. It’s a fallacy that just keeps getting perpetuated, that of having to do more of the things you feel you have to do as opposed to those things you’d really like to do as you grow up and unfortunately it keeps getting perpetuated because so many people are made to believe in it from very early on in their lives.

Within a matter of only a few decades we’ve gone from “dad can’t spend any more time with you because dad has to go to work” to “both mom and dad would like to spend more time with you but they both have to work so that they can feed you and pay for your school fees, clothes, etc…”

It’s a sad state of affairs if you ask me, but one which those of us who harbour even the slightest bit of an entrepreneurial spirit aren’t satisfied with!

Be proactive

Nobody is going to come knocking on your door and tell you that you should perhaps play Rainbow Ryan online as a means through which to start exploring possible income sources through something you enjoy doing as opposed to being resigned to earning your living via something you absolutely despise but feel as if you have to do. This is just one example of how someone who perhaps has a keen nose for numbers and odds in addition to harbouring a love for video games can find some financial success doing something they’d enjoy doing, otherwise this applies universally.

Look at the best sportspersons of this world – they are an example of the type of success which is the preserve of someone who realises that success as a result of pursing that success through something they totally enjoy doing.